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We’re back with another stacked edition of our WWE News & Rumor Roundup, and as always, we’re taking a look at some of the hottest stories going around.

We kicked off the lineup with a rising star talking about taking on Roman Reigns in the future. During the interview, he revealed that he would have no problem working for the tribal chief.

On Monday evening, a great talent was tipped to become a future world champion, and it would be interesting to see if the premonition comes true.

An interesting concept art regarding a proposed mask for Alexa Bliss has also found its way onto the Internet.

Charlotte Flair also continues to be one of the hottest names in professional wrestling, and another controversial behind-the-scenes story involving Nia Jax has now surfaced online.

We concluded the WWE News & Rumor Roundup with a story about Vince McMahon’s epic backstage reaction to a Cruiserweight match.

# 5. WWE SmackDown Top Dolla Says Ready To Work For Roman Reigns

It seems like every superstar wants a match against Roman Reigns, and some of them aren’t even afraid of losing to the tribal chief.

Top Dolla, aka AJ Francis, appeared on the “Work” podcast and revealed his desire to face Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown.

The Hit Row member admitted he would have no problem doing Roman Reigns’ job, as stepping into the ring with the WWE Universal Champion would in itself be a victory for him.

Top Dolla also mentioned the possibility of having a dream match with John Cena and noted how the promos leading up to their clash would make television a must-see.

Here’s what Top Dolla had to say about a potential WWE match against Roman Reigns:

“People are like ‘I want to see Top Dolla vs. Roman Reigns’ and then they’re like ‘Yeah, but they’re going to release him.’ I’m like, “I’m gonna work for Roman Reigns”, what is it? Someone else says, “I want to see Top Dolla vs John Cena for the promos that came before it. The game would be great too, but he had just passed John Cena. Let’s be 100% honest; if you’re in the ring with Roman Reigns, you win. Even if you don’t win, you win if you’re in the ring with Roman Reigns. “H / t Fighter

Top Dallas are said to be in the running for a singles push, and his wish to work a game with Reigns could come true sooner rather than later.

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