What is TikTok’s post-pandemic dating nightmare “Mask Fishing”?



Keeping up with all the latest TikTok slang is literally impossible.

New words, phrases, and acronyms appear on the app almost every day, and it’s hard to figure out what most of them mean.

The latest term to take hold of TikTok is “mask fishing,” a new dating horror that emerged after the pandemic.

Here’s exactly what that means …

TikTok – NASA Football Trailer



TikTok – NASA Football Trailer





What is “mask fishing”?

“Mask fishing” is a variation of “cat fishing”.

On the internet, a catfish is someone who looks different online in real life, usually making people think they are more attractive than they actually are.

TikTok users have come up with a new concept of mask fishing, or mask fishing, where you look different when you wear a Covid-19 mask than when you take it off.

Cat fishing was already enough to cope, now we also have to deal with this pandemic nightmare? Great!

The “mask fishing” trend explained

The phrase appeared on TikTok as part of the app’s latest challenge.

On TikTok, people film themselves while wearing a mask that covers most of their face.

Then they remove the face mask and show what they really look like while writing on the screen, “Am I mask fishing?

In the comments, people often then write down whether they were fishing with a mask or not.

it works both ways

Mask fishing works in two different ways.

People can either look better than expected under their face mask or worse.

If you show up on a first date and they are wearing a face mask, beware!

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