What Are the Responsibilities of the Florida Surgeon General?


It has held the title for less than a month and has been trending almost every day since.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo, professor of medicine at UCLA, has been appointed Florida’s new general surgeon by Governor Ron DeSantis on September 21, but has yet to be confirmed by the Florida Senate.

Known as a vocal critic of blockages, mask and vaccine warrants, he wasted no time following DeSantis’ approach in upsetting COVID-19 Policies in Florida Schools – triggering a new division on the fight against the virus. He made the headlines apologizing refused to wear a mask in the office of a state senator with cancer. And he also caused a sensation on Twitter.

Besides the trends, what does the Florida Surgeon General do?

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State Physician, Voice of the Florida Department of Health

The Florida Surgeon General is the chief and senior spokesperson for Florida Department of Health, which is an executive agency. He reports to the governor.

According to the FDOH website, its role is to be the state’s primary advocate for well-being and disease prevention. His role is the state equivalent of the Surgeon General of the United States. He is considered the doctor of the state.

Responsibilities of the Florida Surgeon General

Florida's new Surgeon General Joe Ladapo speaks at a press conference at the Florida Department of Health in Lee County on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

As head of FDOH, he will oversee the agency whose purpose is to protect and promote the health of all state residents and visitors through organized state and community efforts, including cooperation agreements with counties, according to state statutes.

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The role oversees the central state DOH office in Tallahassee as well as the 67 Florida County Health Departments; 22 regional offices of children’s medical services; 12 regional medical quality assurance offices; nine regional disability determination offices; and three public health laboratories.

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Florida General Surgeon Salary

Ladapo was also recently hired by the University of Florida, where he is professor of general internal medicine. He will share his functions 20-80 between UF and FDOH. He will earn $ 362,000 per year in the dual role of Florida general surgeon and professor at the University of Florida College of Medicine.

Professional Qualifications for General Surgeon in Florida

The head of the Ministry of Health should be a licensed medical practitioner who has advanced training or extensive experience in public health administration.

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