Watch: Contestant chokes on ‘The Masked Singer’ stage and requires medical attention

Reality TV show “The Masked Singer” has managed to keep fans hooked and excited for years. Just as audiences expected, the Season 7 premiere was filled with talent and some great performances. However, things turned sour after an artist needed medical attention. The video of the moment quickly went viral, leaving everyone concerned.

Contestants often go overboard on the show by wearing elaborate costumes to hide their identities, while trying to impress the judges with just their voices. In this case, a contestant dressed as a firefly started to feel bad.

Wearing a huge, probably metal, insect-shaped mask, Firefly was in the middle of her performance when she suddenly stopped and started coughing. She had to stop a moving rendition of Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody” and was visibly distressed.

The video showed the contestant holding her chest while suffocating under the mask, as the judges panicked. “Someone has to help him!” judge Nicole Scherzinger was heard shouting at the crew on set. Judge Ken Jeong, who is also a doctor, left his seat in order to attract the attention of anyone who could help him by shouting, “Someone get up there!” Eh eh ! She is choking!

Crew members rushed to the stage to help Firefly remove her heavy mask allowing her to breathe properly before she was removed from the stage.

Host Nick Cannon returned to the stage after a brief break to let everyone know that medical professionals were attending to Firefly behind the scenes and that his health was their first priority. Luckily, she wasn’t too sick and returned to the stage later in the episode to prove her mettle.

After having some time to recuperate, she performed again, with everyone speculating on who she might be. Her performance after the hurdle was so incredible that she received a standing ovation from all the judges, The Independent reported.

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