Vitiprints LLC launches Viracide ™ masks in Africa, the mask that deactivates COVID-19 and its variants in less than a minute of contact

NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Today, Vitiprints LLC announced the launch of Viracide ™ masks in Africa through a distribution partnership with Uvukile Medical and Surgical Supplies (PTY) LTD.

The medical grade Viracide ™ masks, approved by SAHPRA, with an antiviral and antibacterial coating that provides an additional tool in the fight against COVID-19, will initially be available in South Africa and neighboring countries, including the Lesotho and Swaziland. With more than 172,000 COVID-19-related deaths across Africa, the continent now accounts for more than 4% of the 5 million COVID-19-related deaths recorded worldwide. Viracide ™ masks will provide an accessible and affordable solution that will ensure the safety of people.

South Africa is the first country to join The Viracide ™ Deactivation Nation global campaign, a call to action for countries around the world to come together and deactivate COVID-19 by encouraging citizens to wear a Viracide mask ™.

How Viracide ™ masks are different

The masks protect users with a proprietary antiviral / antimicrobial coating that deactivates 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 and 99% of human coronavirus (229E) within one minute of contact with the face mask surface. The disruptive technology used in Viracide ™ masks will help save lives by stopping the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. Wearing a mask is the most effective public health measure in the fight against COVID-19, reducing the incidence by 53%, the first global study of its kind carried out by BMJ, the highly regarded medical journal. Viracide ™ masks can reduce the incidence to an even greater degree by providing the wearer with both an enhanced mask and antiviral.

“Having a real antiviral mask that can be sold at an affordable price is what South Africa and its neighbors need now,” said the director of Uvukile Medical and Surgical Supplies (PTY) LTD. “We believe that the use of Viracide ™ masks will have an immediate impact on the spread of COVID-19 in Africa. We are working with SAHPRA and other government and humanitarian agencies across the continent to control COVID and save lives. The UMS sales team is strategically placed with a national sales presence in South Africa and various African countries including, but not limited to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. UMS’s leadership has been recognized and recognized in the medical sector and other key industry sectors for over 20 years. With a network of trusted global partners, UMS Africa will pioneer the future expansion of Viracide ™ masks and the growing Viracide ™ product line.

The main protective features include:

  • Viracide ™ masks can save the lives of Africans across the continent.

  • Viracide ™ masks eliminate the risk of virus transmission, not only by protecting the wearer from any airborne viruses, but also by protecting anyone near the wearer if they are positive for the virus, providing the ultimate in protection in both ways.

  • SAHPRA certified distribution to private hospitals, private clinics, health professionals and consumers

  • Deactivates 99.97% of SARS-CoV-2 and 99% of human coronavirus (229E) within one minute of contact with the face mask surface

  • Proprietary Viracide ™ antimicrobial / antiviral cinnamon-scented coating deactivates certain viruses and bacteria in less than a minute of contact

  • Viral tests performed in US FDA approved laboratories and Chinese laboratories at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

  • Tests revealed that 99% of a strain of influenza tested [Influenza A Virus (H3N2)] is also completely deactivated within 30 minutes of contact with the face mask surface

  • 3-ply construction with pleats, earrings and multiple layers of filtration protect against the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particles

  • Disposable surgical mask for personal or professional use

What is the potential impact on the fight against COVID-19 in Africa?

A data modeling exercise performed by Marya Ghazipura, PhD, MS and Epidemiologist and Biostatistician, formerly of NYC COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Council of NYU Langone Health concluded that territories in Africa would be able to reduce their number of new cases by 50% day over 100 days or less with widespread use of the Viracide ™ Mask.

Dr Anshu Padayachee, CEO of The South African Technology Network (SATN) states: “Consumer awareness and health concerns due to the escalation of fungi and bacterial-prone diseases are driving the demand for breathable antimicrobial / antiviral coatings. The incorporation of antimicrobials / antivirals on this specific face mask has not only improved the reuse of face masks, but is also comfortable and has a pleasant cinnamon scent. Moreover, the fact that it is a reusable antimicrobial face mask will certainly reduce the increase in demand and stress in the supply chain. Antimicrobial / antiviral face masks have been shown to exhibit improved performance over conventional face masks by providing real-time in situ antimicrobial control. I highly recommend the use of this mask for children, adults and healthcare professionals.

Additionally, Dr Chandraprakash Naidoo, Medical Director, ARCA Rehabs, South Africa, says: “Arca Durban is a multidisciplinary substance use disorder treatment center in Durban and Sandton, South Africa. Our program includes a high level medical detoxification service and a comprehensive psychosocial program, which is necessarily highly interactive in nature. Therefore, our need for a highly effective, affordable and reusable face mask with a robust design is imperative for the institution to function effectively while protecting our patients and staff during the current COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. The Viracide ™ mask ticks all of the above boxes and is a welcome addition to our safety protocols.

Vitiprints Co-Founder John Gentile said, “Vitiprints and its partners are honored that our Viracide ™ masks are accepted in many countries around the world. We believe our mask allows every individual to be protected with a true antiviral coating that turns off COVID-19 and its variants in less than a minute at a cost of pennies per day based on weekly use. We are proud to offer the world a new tool in the global fight against COVID-19, the cost-effectiveness of which makes it valuable around the world. South Africa has led the way to be one of the first countries to join the global Viracide ™ Deactivation Nation campaign, as we focus on our mission to deactivate COVID-19 and other pathogens for a planet safer and healthier for everyone. ”

Viracide ™ masks are currently available for sale in specific international territories. Due to the overwhelming effectiveness of its proprietary coating, the company is in the final stages of fulfilling the testing requirements for US FDA 510K and CE certification by December 2021. Following our pre-market certification from the FDA and EC, Viracide ™ masks will be available to government agencies, medical groups and consumers in the United States and throughout Europe.

About Vitiprint

Vitiprints LLC is dedicated to creating unique antiviral and antimicrobial formulations for printed dispensing system that protect both industry and home through masks, PPE, filters, packaging, and more. Vitiprints also applies its advanced printing technology to uniquely manufacture food and non-food grade products by removing water and fillers in vitamins, beverages, milks, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and cleaning by significantly reducing weight, size and cost. Vitiprint’s proprietary and patent-pending delivery system technology addresses environmental impact, logistical constraints and pressure on profit margins by printing fully functional, cost-effective products that reduce the need for plastic packaging or components . Its customizable printing technology platform uses high-speed and high-efficiency equipment for rapid and cost-effective scaling of production capacity in many high-volume industries.

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