Update on Coronavirus Transmission Rate and Mask Requirements from Westport


November 4, 2021

First Selectman Jim Marpe released the following update today:

Over the past few weeks, the daily rate of COVID-19 cases in Westport has trended downward and the City continues to be in the “gray” category (less than 5 cases / 100,000). Therefore, in conjunction with the Westport COVID-19 Emergency Management Team, as the First Breeder, I hereby rescind Orders in Council # 9 and # 10 and lift the Mask Mandate in Public Places Westport Interiors, effective immediately.

It is certainly an optimistic trend – a trend that we have been keen to announce. But we continue to be aware of the potential for stronger strains and breakthrough cases that could impact future recommendations. Eligible people are strongly encouraged to get fully immunized and / or receive a booster.

Westport Weston Health District (WWHD) Director of Health Mark Cooper said: “We are supporting this action for people in the low risk category for severe COVID disease who have been vaccinated, as long as the rate local transmission remains low. If everyone proceeds with caution and common sense, we may be able to enjoy the upcoming holiday season with family and friends in a more traditional way. the transmission rate is low, the COVID virus is still in the community. “

According to the CT Public Health Service (CT DPH):

  • Outside
    • Wearing a mask is not compulsory for anyone.
  • Inside:
    • People who have been vaccinated are generally not required to wear masks.
    • Unvaccinated people should continue to wear masks.
    • Masks will still be required in healthcare facilities, facilities serving vulnerable populations, public and private transport, correctional facilities, schools (public and non-public, when students are present) and daycare centers.
    • Certain businesses, state and local government offices, performance spaces, and certain events may still require universal masking.

Your cooperation, patience and understanding are appreciated when you visit establishments and locations in Westport where mask requirements remain in effect or where some may choose to maintain a full mask policy for the health and safety of their persons. staff and their clients.

The emergency management team will continue to monitor the pandemic and the effects it may have on the health and safety of all residents, businesses and visitors to Westport.

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