Top 10 Shojo Anime That Need A Reboot, Ranked

Reboots have become a popular trend in modern anime. Many beloved classics have received a fresh coat of paint, introducing their stories to a whole new generation of fans. A great example is the 2019 Fruit basket reboot, which rekindled fans’ love for the series and made it more popular than ever. With its success, now is the perfect time for many more shojo series to introduce themselves to modern fans.

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Shojo has been in decline for quite some time, but many series in the genre deserve the reboot treatment. From old-school classics that deserve more attention to series with a bad anime adaptation, many shojo titles are perfect for a reboot and could help revive the waning genre.

ten Full Moon Wo Sagashite’s Anime Adaptation Changes The Script

Full Moon with Sagashite is Arina Tanemura’s most famous and beloved work. This is the moving story of young Mitsuki Koyama, a 12-year-old girl with throat cancer who dreams of becoming a singer. She gets the chance of a lifetime after an encounter with two shinigami gives her the ability to transform into a healthy 16-year-old girl in order to pursue a career as an idol.

Despite its appearance, Full Moon with Sagashite is a heartbreaking series covering many heavy and dark subjects. However, the changes made to the anime adaptation cause the storyline to lose much of its emotional weight. A reboot would finally give the series a chance to show the full story.

9 NANA is a shojo classic that deserves to be told

Of all the shojo classics, few are as beloved as girl. This incredible series follows the story of two protagonists, Nana Komatsu and Nana Osaki, who form an unlikely friendship like no other. It’s a beautiful story that’s not afraid to take audiences to very dark and vulnerable places with these girls, creating a unique shojo experience that fans still haven’t forgotten. While the anime is a hit with all shojo fans, many are still disappointed that it isn’t a completely faithful adaptation.

Much of the manga’s story is left out, especially as the series progresses. Many also feel that the art and animation don’t do the series justice, as it often looks cheap or shoddy. A reboot that fixes these issues and gives fans the manga’s full storyline would be an amazing addition to the genre.

8 A Fushigi Yuugi Reboot Would Do Well Amid Isekai Hype

Fushigi Yuugi was once one of the most popular shojo series and an early favorite of isekai. After discovering a mysterious book, Miaka Yuki finds herself transported to a magical new world. As she tries to find her way home, she is soon thought to be the Fatal Priestess with the power to save their world, throwing Miaka into a whirlwind fight between good and evil.

As a unique blend of shojo and isekai, Fushigi Yuugi would be a popular reboot these days. With the isekai genre more popular than ever, this series fits right into the hype.

seven Gravitation manga gives more depth to the relationship between Shuichi and Yuki

Gravitation is one of BL’s founding series, and it was many fans’ first exposure to LGBTQ+ representation in anime in anime. Unsurprisingly, the series has aged very poorly, and the main couple have a toxic, borderline abusive relationship that feels glorified or written off as humor most of the time.

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However, the manga treats Shuichi and Yuki’s relationship very differently. While still having much of the toxicity seen in the anime, the manga has them working through their traumas and slowly becoming a healthier couple. It would be nice to see a return of this series with a more faithful adaptation that gives some much-needed depth to these two.

6 Glass Mask is a deep and emotionally impactful series that modern fans would love

When most think of shojo, they imagine cute heroines getting carried away by handsome guys. Although this may be standard for many series, glass mask is a far cry from the typical shojo. The story centers on two young actresses named Maya Kitajima and Ayumi Himekawa, whose fates intertwine as they strive to land the legendary role of The Crimson Goddess in one of the most mysterious plays. and the most famous of all time.

glass mask has little to no focus on romance, with a much greater focus on the two protagonists and their ambitions, making for a very refreshing series in a genre filled with cookie-cutter plots. Although there have been several adaptations of this anime, glass mask would make a perfect series for modern fans.

5 The rose of Versailles has an inspiring history that deserves attention

Many shojo anime have become notorious for featuring a weak or powerless heroine, but not The Rose of Versailles. This groundbreaking series is all about the strength and empowerment of women, following the story of Oscar, a young woman raised as a man in historic France, who becomes Marie Antoinette’s guard.

The Rose of Versailles presents the turmoil and suffering that preceded the French Revolution in the eyes of the protagonist, making it a unique and powerful series that fans will never forget. This iconic classic shojo has been forgotten over the years and has long awaited a revival.

4 Candy Candy would make a great feel-good series for modern audiences

Just by watching it, fans can expect a sweet experience while watching. candy candy. It’s an adorable classic shojo about a young orphan girl named Candy, who maintains a positive, sunny outlook on life despite her circumstances. The story focuses on her life and the lessons she learns throughout her adventures.

While many modern shojo focus on drama and heartache, candy candy is a feel-good series that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. It’s a series loved by many generations, and with a bit of modern appeal, it could easily win the hearts of new generations too.

3 Kodocha’s Anime Adaptation Lost A Lot Of The Manga’s Emotion

At first glance, it’s easy to be wrong kodocha like a slice-of-life comedy series, and for a while, it is what it is. However, the series slowly gets deeper as it progresses, focusing on the budding romance between Sana Kurata and Akito Hayama and covering heavier topics as Sana navigates through life.

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However, the anime spends a lot of time on comedy, taking away the most emotional parts of the show. When the change in the story occurs, it feels jarring and disjointed compared to the first half, losing a lot of what makes kodocha so good. With a series of reboots, this coming-of-age story could reach its full potential.

2 Peach Girl deserves a chance at redemption

For many shojo fans, fishing girl is an infamous series filled with cruel drama and love triangles galore. This is the story of Momo Adachi, a young girl who just wants to find love. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for him to achieve this goal, thanks to the rumors circulating about him. Momo’s self-esteem is hit pretty hard and she tries to change herself to win over the guy she likes.

It’s a controversial premise that many find outdated these days, but fishing girl actually still has a lot of potential. Although the focus is on love throughout the series, Momo’s journey to love herself is the most important of all. That said, fishing girl deserves a reboot and a chance to prove it’s not the catty high school drama many think it is.

1 The story of the host club of Ouran secondary school must be completed

Ouran High School Host Club is one of the most beloved shojo series of all time. It has achieved indescribable popularity and attracts even non-shojo fans. Despite this, the anime series ends on a disappointing note, leaving out the majority of the manga storyline. As a result, fans have been clamoring for the completion of this classic for years, but to no avail.

After so many years of waiting, a reboot is the best solution. With the popularity of Fruit basket‘s recent restart, there is no doubt that a Ouran a similar mode reboot would be a huge success.

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