This is what Jennifer Aniston looks like without makeup

Jennifer Aniston is an established and adored American actress and producer. Many people recognize her as Rachel from FRIENDS.

However, she was one of the few celebrities who was able to develop her career even after starring in what is one of the most-watched shows in television history.

She has received several prestigious accolades, including a Golden Globes Award, Primetime Emmy Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Jennifer Aniston without makeup

In the world of fashion and glamour, makeup is part of the deal. So when a celebrity appears somewhere without makeup or even posts a makeup-free selfie, it’s refreshing. The 53-year-old is an idol for many things, but she needs to be appreciated more for embracing natural beauty and flaunting it often on Instagram.

Let’s take a look at some of the times the actress stepped out without makeup.

  1. Mugshot

Aniston posted a photo with a mug that read “The Morning Show” on it. She captioned it “Mugshot. (New episode of @themorningshow coming out TODAY 👏🏼)”.

The actress was having fun with her back tied, her headphones plugged in and not a speck of dust in sight.

  1. I VOTED

Jennifer Aniston posted a selfie with her beloved dog. Her canine best friend had an “I VOTED” sticker on her forehead while the actress gave her kisses!

Aniston is one of the few celebrities to have often spoken out against racism and for human rights. She also urged her fans to come out and vote with the no-makeup selfie.

  1. Creative Director

Aniston announced on Instagram that “I’m joining @vitalproteins as Creative Director 🥳.” She added that she takes Vital Proteins regularly and “jumped” at the chance to be part of the brand when the opportunity presented itself.

As an actor, you play many roles where the characters come from different professions. Although it’s exciting, it can’t match when you play different roles in real life.

Aniston gave us a glimpse of her business side with an Instagram post. She posed with her Vital Proteins set without any makeup and she looked great.

  1. Grateful

No one makes us feel more loved than our pets. Aniston loves her pet dogs and she shared the same on Instagram. The actress posted a bunch of photos with one of her dogs and captioned them “We’re grateful.”

She wore a black top and jeans as she sat on the floor and posed with the dog. The photo garnered more than 6.2 million likes. Aniston looked bright and pretty with no makeup on her face.

  1. Ready for Emmys!

Aniston shared a behind-the-scenes look at herself preparing for the prestigious Emmy Awards. She wore a face mask and a glass of what looked like champagne as she sat comfortably and blew the camera a kiss.

Award functions are a big thing for people in the theater industry. Celebrities dress up and talk about their designer clothes and makeup that will become trends later. Although most celebrities post great photos from the red carpet, few share glimpses of the process before that.

  1. thanks bye

The Covid came out of nowhere and turned everyone’s lives upside down. Aniston was no different. She posted a photo of herself that was clicked on by the paparazzi at lunch, where she knocked down the photographer. The photo was captioned ‘Dear Covid…You may kindly [email protected]!k off now thank you BYE 👋🏼🖕🏼☹️.”

In the photo, she was wearing a tank top and what appeared to be orange shorts. Aniston was having lunch with someone when a paparazzi appeared to click her. She clearly didn’t like it and let the paparazzi know.


The show may have ended nearly two decades ago, but fans of the show still get very excited whenever any of the cast talks about or refers to the show.

Aniston shared on her Instagram page that the first-ever official FRIENDS merchandise has been released and half of the proceeds will go to an organization that works for mental health, medical aid, and more.

  1. Lord Chesterfield

To celebrate a year with her best furry friend, Aniston posted a photo on Instagram. She captioned it “One year with my lovable, squeezable, talkative (bark in the air), cuddly and not so small Lord Chesterfield 🥳❤️🐾”.

In one of Lord Chesterfield’s many adorable photos, there was a baby photo of the cute dog lying next to Aniston. Aniston lay on a yoga mat after what looked like a tough workout. Her makeup-free skin glowed as the pup snuggled next to her.

  1. OK Humidity

Humidity can cause our hair to act! Aniston, known for her beautiful silky hair, is no stranger to damp curls.

The Emmy winner shared a photo on Instagram where half of her face was covered in frizzy, wavy hair while the rest of her hair was surprised. The footage was humorously captioned “Okay, humidity… 🥵😵‍💫”.

  1. Hide

Jennifer Aniston has been vocal and encouraged her followers to take precautions when it comes to COVID. One of the things she talked about was wearing masks. She posted a selfie of herself wearing a mask.

She captioned it “I understand masks are inconvenient and uncomfortable. But don’t you think it’s worse that businesses are closing…” She also spoke about the exhaustion of healthcare workers and added “so many lives have been taken by this virus because we don’t do not enough “.

She ended the post by asking everyone to wear a mask and encouraging others to do the same. In the selfie she posted, Aniston wore a mask and wore a tank top as her hair fell over one of her shoulders, and yet she looked stunning, even with the mask covering half of her face.

  1. What beach !

We dream of going on vacation and relaxing by the beach, Aniston lives this dream and then talks about it on Instagram.

She posted a beach selfie with a caption of three emoji “👋🏼☀️❤️”. Her hat kept most of the sun away from her face but some of it fell gracefully on her face and she looked gorgeous!

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram not too long ago and she doesn’t post regularly. From everything she posts, her non-promotional photos and videos have a sense of authenticity and many of them see skin glowing naturally without any sign of makeup.

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