The Best Hearthstone Battlegrounds Quest Rewards

Hearthstone Battlegrounds has seen many innovations over the years, from hero buddies to new types of minions, but none have been as intriguing as the Quest system. Taken straight from the original game, Quests have been brought to Hearthstone Battlegrounds to combine the best of what has come before…and more.

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This article aims to rank the best quest rewards in the game and will not consider the quests themselves., as they are usually random – in other words, different quests can be given the same reward from game to game. Also, if you’re new to Hearthstone Battlegrounds, be sure to check out our full guide here before reading this article!


10/10 Parasol of Theotar

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Theotar's Parasol reward

While Theotar’s Parasol is an incredibly niche quest reward, it also happens to be incredibly good at fulfilling its niche role, which is why it lands a spot on this list. You’ll mainly see this reward used with Baron Rivendare-focused teams, and for good reason: it guarantees that he stays alive for the duration of each round. And if Baron stays alive, your Deathrattles will consistently trigger twice (or three times, if he’s golden).

It also works with Soul Jugglers and Scavenging Hyenas, to name a few others. However, no matter how good it is for those particular teams, it’s still a very niche reward, which is why it only gets ninth place on this list.

9/10 Victim Specter

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Victim Specter Reward

Victim’s Specter is a solid quest reward to pick up. Admittedly, it’s by no means the strongest, but it can help you in two ways: getting spare gold to spend, and upgrading your minions to gold quality faster (since it allows you to get more easily a three -a kind of).

Give this one a try, especially if you have minions on board that can be upgraded when playing with other minions (like Molten Rock or Rabid Saurolisk), or a group of Battlecry minions on board (Murlocs are prominent in this case). ).

8/10 ritual dagger

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Ritual Dagger Reward

The Ritual Dagger, while not the best stackable quest reward, is easily one of the best. However, its biggest downside is that it only works on Deathrattle minions, meaning it’s completely useless with the majority of team comps. That said, it’s phenomenal with Beasts and damn good with Mechs and Demons, so feel free to pick it up if you’re using either of those types of minions.

7/10 evil twin

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Evil Twin Reward

Evil Twin is one of your must-have quest rewards when leading a six-man team. These teams are usually made up of minions that gain stats or have some kind of effect when another minion is played, and to continue activating their effect you need to keep playing with minions.

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As such, you need space on your board to cycle through minions, which is why your base team should only consist of six minions. The biggest disadvantage of these kinds of teams is obvious: you only have six minions on your board instead of seven. And that’s where Evil Twin comes in to completely negate this disadvantage.

6/10 red hand

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Red Hand reward

Red Hand, like Ritual Dagger, is another great stackable quest reward. It’s a bit better though as it’s not related to the Deathrattles, or any type of minion for that matter. It is also a very good preparatory tool since it allows you to buff a minion of interest in your hand instead of having to sell a minion on your board and buff it there.

Red Hand still isn’t the best stackable quest reward in the game, but it’s almost there. What makes this even brighter is that you can buff untyped minions in your hand, which are usually minions that are hard to get extra stats on.

5/10 Stolen Lamps

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Stolen Lamps Reward

The value of stolen lamps is pretty clear, and it’s something you definitely want to seek out if your team composition is reliant on level six minions in the late game (or if the minions you want are heavily contested). Being able to turn any minion into a golden minion by simply hooking a double instead of a triple is a huge help in finding the tools you need for your late game team.

Stolen Lamps are simply a very solid quest reward to have. The only real downside to this one is that you can get overwhelmed if someone else in your lobby picks up a stackable quest reward, so beware of those.

4/10 scary mask

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Spooky Mask Reward

We have finally arrived at the creepy mask. This triggers your end of turn effects twiceand gives you a free minion that has an end-of-turn effect (usually Bannerboar, Majordomo Executus, Razorgore, or Charlga).

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Ghastly Mask works with Hero Powers that are also end-of-turn effects, making it extremely valuable for Ragnaros, C’Thun, or Sire Denathrius, the latter of which can get a second quest reward that is an end-effect of turn. Finally, while this quest reward may be a bit short with non-Quilboar or Dragon teams, it will still excel with mixed minion teams thanks to Lightfang Enforcer.

3/10 Wondrous ball of wisdom

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Wondrous Wisdomball Reward

Wondrous Wisdomball is a bit of a luck-based quest reward, but it’s hands down one of the best in the game. It’s so good that it landed the second-best quest reward on this list. While his description of occasionally giving “helpful refreshments” might sound underwhelming, it’s quite the opposite.

Wondrous Wisdomball can refresh a tavern full of minions of the same minion type from the team you’re leading. He can refresh a tavern full of buffed minions. He can even refresh a tavern full of divine shield minions, which is amazing since he often hits minions who normally don’t have a divine shield, making them incredibly powerful. And that only scratches the surface. If you see this quest reward, it’s an amazing reward to get.

2/10 cooked book

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Cookbook Reward

Cooked Book is hands down the best quest reward. Its infinite stacking ability allows you to rotate your team on a whim since you don’t have to worry about having low minion stats once you get that stack of rewards.

In other words, you don’t even need logical composition with Cooked Book; you can just use it to stick seven gigantic minions on the board. Just make sure to cycle through the minions whenever you can (Freedealing Gambler is amazing in this regard) and take advantage of the massive numbers. You can never go wrong with this reward. Already.

1/10 Honorable Mention: Yogg-Tastic Tasties

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Yogg-tastic flavors

While Yogg-tastic Tasties isn’t exactly one of the best quest rewards out there, you can be sure it’s one of the most fun to have due to its random nature. Definitely give it a try if you have faith in the heart of the cards!

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