The 5 Best Long-Lasting Blushes

Of all the hassles of makeup, taking the time to apply and blend your blush precisely, only to have it blend in hours later, is without a doubt one of the most frustrating. There are, however, a few solutions. The first is to simply choose a better blush; the second has to do with your technique (more on that in a minute). In terms of powder formulas, the best long-lasting blushes are water-resistant or infused with a primer, while the longest-lasting cream and liquid blushes are water-based and made without oil (i. i.e. cheek stains and gel-creams).

How to make blush last longer

Trial and error (and many professional makeup artists) have taught me that layering multiple blushes is the best way to prevent premature fading. Typically, I start with a cream or liquid formula and end with a powder blush. You can use blushes that belong to the same color category, but I find layering two different colors a cool way to create a nice multi-dimensional contrast.

If you notice that your blush seems to be wearing off quickly, you may want to re-evaluate how you prep and set your makeup. After applying your serum, moisturizer and sunscreen, consider adding a primer designed for your skin type (if you have oily skin, for example, a mattifying primer – with its ability to absorb excess sebum – can help prevent your makeup from slipping). Then, when you’re done putting on your makeup, apply either loose setting powder or makeup setting spray (or both) to lock everything in place.

Shop the best long-lasting blushes

Press? Here are the best long-lasting blushes:

1. Best Infused Blush: Buxom Wanderlust Primer Infused Blush

2. Best Cheek Stain/Powder Blush Hybrid: theBalm INSTAIN Blush

3. Best gel-cream blush: Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush

4. Best Waterproof Blush: Cargo Cosmetics Swimables Blush

5. Best Water Tint: ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Water Tint

1. Best Primer Infused Blush

According to Buxom, their primer-infused blush has a wear time of at least 12 hours (a claim backed by dozens of Amazon reviewers, Redditors, and YouTube vloggers). Plus, it’s formulated with pressed pearls to give your skin a radiant finish, while hyaluronic acid contributes to its smooth, silky feel. Choose from six holiday-inspired shades (which can also be used as eye shadow).

Type Powder | Shades available 6

Relevant notice: “So anyone who wears and loves blush knows that the first makeup product on your face that fades/disappears is your blush. I don’t know why, but it’s true. The primer infused into this blush blush is a genius idea because it actually prolongs the wear of this blush. […] It blends in well (I use Wet N Wild’s large stippling brush to apply it) and works so well. I highly recommend this blush to all my women (and men) who love blush. It lasts much longer on your skin than most blushes. I really want to have another shade now.

2. Best Cheek Stain/Powder Blush Hybrid

This blush/cheek stain from theBalm is intensely pigmented, and once it dries it probably won’t budge – so work fast and use a light hand. Once it’s set, however, it doesn’t go anywhere – such is the beauty of this long-lasting blush. And although it’s a powder formula, several Amazon reviewers said they use it as a lip stain as well. After applying it to your cheeks, apply it to the crease of your eyelid and on your lip balm for a natural and monochromatic makeup look.

Type Powder | Shades available 6

Relevant notice: “Incredible autonomy! This blush lasts at least 12 hours on me, which is great because I hate putting on makeup. Stunning pink color on the cheeks and can be built up for a more dramatic effect. The pigmentation is fantastic, so use light manual application. I love this product so much that I just purchased another color.

3. Best gel-cream blush

Maybelline’s Cheek Heat Gel-Cream Blush is definitely one of the brand’s best launches in recent years. It’s a water-based, oil-free blush that’s lightweight, non-greasy, and impossible to smudge. All you need is a drop or two to give your skin a natural color that lasts for hours, but if you like a more dramatic effect, you can build it up easily. I also love that it comes in a tube – I hate contaminating cream blush jars with my fingers. Plus, it comes in six truly gorgeous shades, from a fun Barbie pink to a bold, purplish berry.

Type Cream | Shades available 6

Relevant notice: “The product is very easy to apply. A few small drops from the tube, apply to the cheek area and it lasts all day. It looks so natural compared to many other blushes, powder or cream, that I have used. I love this gel cream blush!!! Try it and see!

4. Best Waterproof Blush

Water-resistant blushes aren’t very common, which makes Cargo’s Swimmables Blush such a rare find. Because it’s water-resistant (thanks to the silicone-coated pigments), it’ll hold up better to sweat and other forms of moisture, so it’s less likely to melt if you’re working out or are caught in the rain. That same silicone coating also ensures that this blush glides on your skin smoothly without streaking or looking uneven.

Type Powder | Shades available 3

Relevant notice: “I live by the ocean where humid summer days can take their toll on my makeup! I’ve been a Cargo Swimables aficionado for a few years now. This blush holds up well to sunny days spent reading on the beach , frolicking in theme parks and exploring the city!

5. Best water tint (for cheeks and lips)

Technically it’s a lip tint, but it works just as well as a cheek stain – and since it runs in your skin (rather than sitting on it), it stays on much longer than most other cream and powder blushes. This lightweight water-based fluid from K-beauty brand Etude House comes in three fruit-themed shades (strawberry, cherry, and orange) and can be built to your desired intensity whether you’re using it on your lips. or your cheeks (or both). It works best as a blush when applied to freshly primed, moisturized skin, or you can mix a few drops with your face cream for an even more natural finish. If you can’t choose between all three, try the best-selling trio which includes a bottle of each.

Type Liquid | Shades available 3

Relevant notice: “People who struggle with this stain are probably not using it properly or putting on too much at once. Put on a thin coat and let it dry completely! Then build it up. The cherry color is a red that has looks natural and beautiful and stays ALL DAY long even with a balm on it and a mask. […] It is so good. This is the only lip and cheek color I will touch now.

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