‘That’s NOT what a leader looks like’: Internet users angered as video of Boris Johnson mocking MP goes viral

During an intense and chaotic session in the British Parliament, Boris Johnson defended himself against the so-called partygate scandal. While Johnson faced brutal grilling during the Prime Minister’s Question (PMQ), a moment when he mocked a fellow MP is widely criticized online.

Amid the scandal that has threatened his leadership and his Tory party, Johnson declined to say whether a prime minister should resign for misleading parliament in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

While many MPs took turns criticizing the Prime Minister, it was his reaction to Ian Blackford, the leader of the SNP in Westminster, that went viral. Blackford spoke up and mocked Johnson saying “Operation Save Big Dog” quickly became “Operation Dog’s Dinner”.

Blackford accused him of “making fun of the British public” and called Johnson’s latest reason “the most pathetic of all – ‘no one told me,'” referring to his statement in which he said that he had not broken any covid-19 rules.

“No one told the Prime Minister he was breaking his own rules, it’s absolutely pathetic. Step down, come on, Prime Minister,” Blackford continued, when Johnson was caught on camera making mocking nods.

Soon, the moment garnered a lot of attention online, where people were not only appalled at Johnson’s action, but also stunned when fellow actor Priti Patel was also seen laughing.

Tories debate whether to trigger a vote of no confidence in Johnson amid public anger over the scandal – a superb reversal of fortune for the politician who just over two years ago led the Conservatives to their biggest election victory in nearly 40 years, Associated press reported.

David Davis, a top Tory and former Brexit secretary, also urged Johnson to quit. “You have sat here too long for all the good you have done. In the name of God, go,” he said, The Guardian reported.

Amid growing calls from outside and inside his party for him to step down following repeated revelations of rule-breaking parties held at his residence and office, he dropped the United Kingdom mask mandate. United.

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