‘Squid Games’ costumes and outfits mean so much behind them



Squid games is Netflix’s next hit, ranking second in demand globally on the streaming platform. In fact, co-CEO Ted Sarandos predicts that the South Korea-based series could become Netflix’s Most Popular Non-English Show already.

The show revolves around several children’s games – think “Red Light, Green Light” or “Tug of War” – where the losers are eliminated and then murdered. Yes, you read that right. People are devastated the second they lose the game. On the other hand, the winners of the 6 games walk away with $ 45.6 billion, a tempting price for the 456 participants who are heavily in debt.

While the premise is pretty exciting on its own, fans are also enthralled with the cast and costumes of the nine-episode series. Starring celebrities like HoYeon Jung, a supermodel who has appeared on the runway at Chanel and Louis Vuitton, the show relies heavily on fashion to send certain messages about the characters and the plot.

The most central part of the story is, of course, the Squid games costumes worn by competitors and guards. These outfits are pretty laid back and laid back, but the color has a deeper meaning that is testament to the many plot twists.

Read on to learn all about the Squid games costumes and outfits, and the symbolism behind them.

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For players, the Squid games the costumes look a lot like something you could wear to run errands or go to the movies. The look consists of a teal tracksuit with the competitor’s number printed on the front and back in white as well as a pair of white slip-on sneakers.

Much like the idea of ​​childhood games culminating in mass murder, the casual fashion in Squid games is used to create tension. Casual attire doesn’t seem out of place for a survival game; a military-inspired uniform, similar to armor, would be better suited. But the juxtaposition of a laid-back look and high-stakes gameplay only adds to the thrill of the series.

The color of Squid games costume serves this same purpose. Teal signifies peace and rebirth, blending “the calming properties of blue with the renewing qualities of green,” according to Cloth. It is described as a “revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents open communication and clarity of thought.”

The color looks like a psychological trick, as open communication and clarity are sorely lacking throughout the series.

The Squid games Guard costumes, explained


The Squid games guard costumes also play on the spectator’s emotions. Their hooded jumpsuits look threatening enough. But the color itself is decidedly not.

Although hot pink is an energetic and provocative shade, pink “generally evokes notions of sensitivity, gentleness and romance”, according to Cloth. Again, this isn’t a mood you might associate with a guard presiding over a survival game that could end in mass murder.

Some viewers interpret the Squid games guard costumes like red, and this color may be more suitable for the thriller. Red can symbolize battles, courage and anger, reports Live Science. It’s also the color of blood, which we see oozing from gunshot wounds throughout the series.

The black zippers, belts and masks serve to emphasize the authority of the guards and perhaps their depravity as well.

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The Squid games masks are probably the only fashion item you can take at face value. The black, opaque masks are just as intimidating as one would expect. But an eagle-eyed fan of the series pointed out a weirdly playful detail.

The white circle, triangle or square on the front of each mask looks like the buttons on a PlayStation controller.

While dystopian drama isn’t a priority when you think of Playstation, the buttons show that the series is just one big, horrific game.


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