September 2022-CPAP Masks and Supplies



The Eclipse is a clinically proven leak-free CPAP mask. It requires no headgear and is small and lightweight, which means a significant reduction in claustrophobia, pain, dry eyes, facial marks, dull hair and alarm clocks to set. Forced replenishment reduces the need for nasal pillow cleaning. The patented Eclipse solution uses soft, medical-grade adhesive strips to comfortably attach to the patient’s nose. A flexible tube mask attaches to disposable nasal pillows using MagSeal magnetic port technology for quick snap on and off. Suitable for all machines and covered by all major insurances. Visit


Optipillows EPAP mask


The Optipillows EPAP mask is used like a CPAP nasal mask but without tubing or a machine. The Optipillows EPAP mask has an adjustable expiratory resistance. The mask is Food & Drug Administration approved for snoring, but provides expiratory pressures equal to other EPAP masks used for obstructive sleep apnea. No prescription needed. Go to

Evora full face mask

Evora full face mask


The F&P Evora Full is a compact full face mask for delivering CPAP therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea. Evora Full offers maximum performance with minimum contact. Evora Full features the next generation of dynamic support technology, where the floating joint is supported by stability wings. These technologies work together to allow freedom of movement while keeping the mask comfortably in place. Evora Full sits below the nose for a clear line of sight. Three seal sizes are available: extra small, small to medium and large; and two harness sizes: standard and extra large. Visit


Luna G3 PAP devices


The Luna G3 family of PAP devices from React Heath, formerly 3B Medical, includes the CPAP (LG3500), APAP (LG3600), BiLevel 25A (LG3700) and BiLevel ST (LG3800). Luna G3 devices offer connectivity via SD card, QR code, iCode, Wi-Fi module and cellular modem. All Luna G3 devices connect to iCodeConnect, React Health’s cloud-based compliance reporting system. Luna G3 devices offer easy-to-read and navigate color LED displays along with standard heated tubes and built-in heated humidification. Luna G3 is a win-win solution for your patients and your business. Visit

AirSense 11

AirSense 11


In addition to ResMed’s proprietary therapy algorithms and self-monitoring and remote capabilities, new AirSense 11 features include: Personal Therapy Assistant step-by-step interactive tutorials via the myAir app for patients set up their device and acclimate to therapeutic pressure; Care Check-In’s personalized guidance through key stages of their treatment journey, available in the myAir app and on the device screen itself; sleek design, touchscreen and intuitive menu mimic a smartphone; and the ability to perform over-the-air upgrades directly on a user’s device. Visit


iBreeze CPAP


At a time when CPAP devices are in short supply, Resvent USA has them in stock. Although new to the United States, Resvent has been serving Europe and Asia for five years. The iBreeze series of CPAPs has a wide range of features designed to help the patient comply with treatment. The ResAssist cloud-based compliance platform provides access to reports from anywhere. Wi-Fi enabled devices allow quick and easy access to compliance data. Visit

Mask fitter

3D AI Mask Adjuster


Boost referrals with Physician Referral Network (PRN), a channel for home medical equipment providers to receive electronic scripts and supporting documents, as well as messaging with referrals and patients. This includes sharing results from the 3D Mask Fitting Solution that can scan patients remotely or in the clinic with patented technology that includes masks from six manufacturers. SleepGlad provides you with analytics to make better business decisions, including subjective patient compliance data contributing to early intervention tools. Scans are backed by a money back guarantee. Visit

iQ2 nasal mask

iQ2 nasal mask


The iQ2 Nasal Mask is a lightweight, moldable CPAP mask that can fit most facial structures. Patented custom fit technology allows for a better fit and all-night comfort. With maximum comfort and minimum harness tension, AIRgel minimizes pressure points and skin irritation. The iQ2 frame and harness are interchangeable with the Phantom2 frame and harness. If patients need to change mask style, the cushions are interchangeable without affecting the mask frame and headgear. Cushions can also be removed and replaced without purchasing a new mask. Visit




V-Com is an inexpensive PAP circuit accessory that provides inspiratory comfort for new and struggling patients on CPAP and bi-level PAP for non-invasive ventilation. V-Com is like training wheels for CPAP, helping patients adapt more easily to their treatment. Visit

Sol full face mask

Sol full face mask


The new Sol full-face mask from Sunset Healthcare Solutions
The CPAP mask offers premium features without the premium price. Sol’s lightweight headgear is made from a soft, skin-friendly fabric, and its secure fit helps patients adapt comfortably to treatment. A convenient quick-release connector gives patients more freedom, easily separating when needed and reconnecting to join mask and tubing. Sol’s Smart Vent features a honeycomb design that reduces the intensity of airflow erosion, creating a smooth, quiet flow for better sleep. Maximize reimbursement without sacrificing quality or compliance. Visit

Reserve battery

Explore 5500


This Battery Backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a lightweight solution for CPAP users who use a heated humidifier and want to be prepared for power outages. The UPS function bypasses the battery when there is no power failure, then instantly switches to battery power in the event of a power failure. This battery features the lightest, highest quality lithium-ion cells used in Tesla car batteries. This battery can run a CPAP at 10 pressure and a mid-setting heated humidifier can run for eight hours. Simply plug the battery into a wall outlet, the CPAP into the battery and be ready for a 24/7 power outage. Visit

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