Second day of the DeSantis school mask trial


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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAP NEWS / WCJB) – Duval County has become the eighth school district to enact a mask mandate for schools, as other county school boards plan to thwart the state decree and the executive.

Parents seeking to overturn the state’s ban on mask warrants concluded their cases on Tuesday.

Lawyers representing the parents in the school mask costume finished their case just before noon, after calling three doctors and a parent.

Lesley Abravevanel was asked why she brought the costume.

“Because we’re pretty much throwing kids in a petri dish right now,” Abravevanel said.

Abravevanel is the mother of 10-year-old twins.

She testified that she was afraid to send her children back to class.

“I’m very nervous. I’m sorry. I’m very, very nervous,” Abravevanel said.

She said court masks were not a matter of choice and should be mandatory.

“God forbid, a school shooter, and now we have to worry that they are catching a deadly pandemic,” Abravevanel said.

Three doctors called by the plaintiffs said children 12 and under were more at risk.

“I currently have one child in kindergarten and one in second grade, and they both wear masks in school,” said pediatrician Dr. Grace Huute.

The cases are multiplying.

“My current understanding is that Flordia is just behind the Mississippi in the number of children hospitalized,” said pediatrician Dr. Mona Mangat.

Dr. Tony Kriseman of Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital testified that masks are one of the effective tools.

“There was a difference with the ventilation and there was a difference with the masking. And the ultimate conclusion is that these are two very effective measures that should be introduced in layers, ”said Dr Kriseman.

After lunch, the state demanded a dismissal, but the judge said no.

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The state spent the afternoon relying on the same doctor the governor hired to make past decisions, even showing a 50-minute clip of a panel discussion.

“And there is literally no random evidence for these masks in schools,” Stanford University COVID researcher Dr. Jay Bhattacharya said in the July video.

The case ends Wednesday with closing arguments, but no decision is expected until at least Thursday.

Both parties should appeal if the decision is against them.

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