School mask debate continues as COVID cases rise | Coronavirus

School District 2 may soon remove the mask mandate for students and teachers on their campuses. But our local officials say it may be too early to make that decision.

As it is, students are expected to enter their school with a face mask on, but in less than two weeks that could change. Some parents have fought masks from the start, but health experts say the masks have helped keep schools open.

Since the start of the school year, SD2 students have been obliged to wear a mask at school. But Superintendent Upham may soon change that. At this point, he says it’s still too early to tell and is monitoring the number of cases to see if they increase over the next few weeks. RiverStone Health’s John Felton said on Wednesday that covid cases were on the rise again. On December 13, there were no cases of omicron in Montana, but just two weeks later, on the 27th, 35% of covid cases across the state were Omicron.

Some parents of SD2 students argue that the masks have done nothing to stop the covid – and after the protests this summer, they say every parent should have the right to choose whether their student wears a mask.

“There have been almost 1,000 cases in Billings Public Schools, with the masks, and we see that the schools that are masks optional in our community, they are open. They are in person, and they do not have the barriers. that come with wearing a mask, ”said SD2 Parent, Luke Hudson

Hudson helped start a Facebook group called “Make masking optional in Billings Public Schools,” and he believes the school district shouldn’t have the power to make masks mandatory.

Superintendent Upham is expected to make his final decision on the mask’s tenure by the start of the new semester – which is January 17.

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