Samsung’s Home Hub is a tablet for controlling SmartThings devices

One of the products Samsung showcased at CES 2022 was the Home Hub, an 8.4-inch tablet that can control all of the connected home devices in your home. The company has now shared more information on this. At launch, the Home Hub will have the ability to connect to all products in the SmartThings ecosystem, including Samsung devices.

Samsung Home Hub

This way it can tell you how much energy your devices are using and if any of them need cleaning. Home cooks will find a recipe center to create shopping lists and meal plans. These are just a few of the use cases that Samsung has described for the Home Hub. The company claims that the device’s AI software will anticipate what you need and put that information in front of you exactly when you need it.

Samsung has also committed to supporting the upcoming Matter standard, which should allow the hub to connect to devices from other manufacturers. Based on photos shared by Samsung, the Home Hub is running Android, which suggests that it may also be possible to use it as a standard tablet. The device also comes with two speakers and two microphones, as well as the company’s Bixby assistant. The tablet will come with the charging station you see in the photos, and you are free to remove it from this holder.

At first glance, it’s hard to see the allure of the Home Hub. After all, it’s basically a tablet that comes with the company’s SmartThings app preinstalled. You can download this same software to your phone. So it’s not as if he’s offering something that doesn’t already exist. However, framed in another way, this is a different take on a smart display. Samsung hasn’t tried to create a device like the Echo Show 15 that wants to be the center of your home. The focus here is narrow, and it’s something people might like.

Samsung will launch the Home Hub in Korea sometime in March, with global availability to follow later. No word yet on US pricing.

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