Salmon complex moisturizer alleviates sensitive skin issues caused by face masks

Researchers in Korea noted that wearing masks has become essential for many people due to the COVID-19 pandemic,

However, the number of people complaining of skin problems caused by wearing masks is on the rise.

Therefore, they studied the characteristics of changes in sensitive skin caused by wearing a mask and whether moisturizer could help improve the problems.

write in the diary, Skin research and technologythey explained: “Twenty healthy Korean women with sensitive skin participated in this study.

“To determine skin changes caused by wearing the mask, we assessed redness, hydration, transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and moisture 2.5 mm below the surface before and 4 hours after the mask. wearing a Korea Filter 94 mask.

“Additionally, we tested whether applying moisturizer for 30 minutes after mask removal could reverse mask-induced changes.”

They found that skin redness and TEWL were significantly increased four hours after wearing a mask, while skin hydration and 2.5 mm moisture were significantly reduced.

After application of the moisturizer, skin redness and TEWL were significantly decreased compared to their values ​​four hours after wearing the mask, while skin hydration and moisture of 2.5 mm increased been significantly increased.

They added: “Furthermore, after moisturizer application, skin redness and TEWL were significantly reduced compared to baseline before masking, while skin hydration was significantly increased; humidity of 2.5 mm showed no significant change.


The moisturizer used was KAHI Multi Balm, from KOREATECH Co. Ltd. This product contains three types of salmon complex (hydrolyzed collagen, soluble proteoglycan and sodium DNA) as well as fermented Jeju oil and adenosine to help moisturize the skin and improve wrinkles.

Subjects applied moisturizer immediately after mask removal and were measured 30 minutes later.

In a previous study, the group found that using moisturizer while wearing the mask for a long time helps reduce wrinkles and pores in the skin.

In further studies, they plan to investigate and compare moisturizer use and skin self-recovery over short durations.

“In addition, we plan to study the additional effects of wearing the mask on sensitive skin as well as comparing sensitive and non-sensitive skin types,”they added.

Source: Skin Research and Technology​​

“The effects of wearing a face mask and subsequent use of moisturizer on the characteristics of sensitive skin”

Author: Mi Ae Yoo, et al.

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