Reviewers Love Tatcha Dewy Serum for Wrinkles

The serum doesn’t beat around the bush with its name and calls on double-fermented Uji green tea, Akita rice and Okinawan seaweed to deliver high levels of exfoliating lactic acid. Together, the brand claims these three ingredients make up 73% of the serum, so Periwinkle Bottle is a powerful resurfacer. Combined with hydrating hyaluronic acid, plumping sugar cane-derived squalane, and hydrolyzed collagen and elastin, the effects have earned the serum more than 1,200 five-star ratings on the brand’s website.

“My skin was luminous and dewy, and the fine lines around my mouth, eyes and forehead seemed to disappear.” wrote a fan of the “definitive” plumping action they saw in a matter of weeks. A 52 year old critic confirmed the “incredible” difference in their wrinkles and newly even skin tone, and a third person said their skin is the most hydrated in 15 years.

These profound changes are in line with what publishers and buyers expect from the luxury brand. Its mineral sunscreen has won accolades non-stop since its launch in March; Jennifer Aniston uses her lip mask; and its concealer-eye cream hybrid is a “miracle product,” according to savvy editors. The Dewy Serum plays on this same multitasking facet, striking the balance between an exfoliator, moisturizer and anti-aging that leaves wrinkles “virtually gone.”

“My skin looks so new and young, I was asked for my ID the other day,” wrote a userand another person said their once “highly visible” pores have been markedly reduced by the fragrance-free formula. Others have written that their redness is now less pronounced, as is their dark circles under their eyes, and one self-proclaimed “very picky” esthetician has dubbed it a plumping “hydration drink” when swiped on their lips.

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