Report: Mike Vrabel renews call for league-wide email consistency

Mike Vrabel doesn’t care how many words a picture is worth. He stuck to the words.

The Tennessee Titans head coach sent an email to all NFL head coaches and general managers this week that speaks volumes about his feelings about the current state of officiating in the league.

ESPN reported sunday which Vrabel dropped in a response to everyone who appeared in the latest weekly officiating email, which includes a review and explanation of notable and/or controversial calls from the previous weekend’s matches. A particular source of consternation for many in Week 5 was the harshness of passer calls against the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs.

Response from Vrabel, via ESPN:

“I appreciate the time and energy spent on these videos, but I suggest that we dedicate every minute of our officiating departments’ time to ensuring that our officiating teams are well trained in the clarifications we have been working on. to create in the off-season and that each team is as cohesive as possible. Thank you.”

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Vrabel is one of four current head coaches on the NFL Competition Committee, which annually reviews game-related issues and possible rule changes. Any changes to the rules proposed by the committee must be approved by the owners (a 75% majority if necessary for passage).

This season he has been outspoken against the idea of ​​’points of attention’, a seemingly annual event in which officials pay special attention to the rules – or aspects of the rules – that are already on the books. .

“We like to emphasize rules, not just specific rules, so if human nature says, ‘Well, if the league wants us to emphasize that, maybe we should calling him more,” Vrabel said during training camp. “That’s not what I want as a head coach.

“As a member of the competition committee, I think we should have some clarity on what offensive gear is and what we want to call it so you can start building some consistency between each crew. Week by week , I think that’s the most important thing.

In five games, the Titans were penalized 37 times (six others were denied) for 331 yards. That’s the most penalties and the second most yards in five games in five seasons since Vrabel became head coach.

Coincidentally, offensive attire was the most commonly called offense (10 times), followed by fake stars (seven) and defensive pass interference, face mask and illegal use of hands (three each). ).

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