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What just happened? The Razer Zephyr face shield, which has been in development for years, finally launched yesterday, along with questions about the popularity of the $ 99 laptop at a time when many places are abandoning mask requirements and deployments vaccination continues.

The Razer N95 respirator, which was previously known as Project Hazel, was first shown at CES in January.

In March, Razer announced that Hazel would become an actual product rather than just a concept, and the Q4 release date was later revealed.

The Zephyr has caught the attention of customers a lot: $ 99 is a lot of money, and nowadays fewer and fewer people wear masks. Those who wear the sci-fi-like device will no doubt stand out in a crowd as it is less common to see people wearing masks these days.

,,,,,,,,,, “The demand for Razer Zephyr has been incredible and our first run sold out within minutes. Keep an eye on [us] , and [we] appreciate your patience as we work hard to restock them as quickly as possible.

The Razer Zephyr was in high demand, with our first batch sold out within minutes. Keep an eye on your email and bookmark this page so you don’t miss the next batch when it arrives.

Consumers and manufacturers are also concerned about how many Zephyr masks are offered for sale, whether they have been seized by robots / scalpers and how much of the available inventory has been collected by them.

The most recent design is available in red or black; the frame color depends on your preferred option.

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