Pep Guardiola urges fans to use masks in stadiums to limit spread of coronavirus | Football news

Pep Guardiola urged supporters to wear masks in stadiums to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Under recently introduced government Plan B regulations, fans are now required to show proof of double vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test to attend matches.

There has been speculation, however, authorities could go further and force matches behind closed doors – as they were during the project’s restart and for most of last season – amid growing numbers. of cases in England.

Guardiola, who lost her mother to the virus last year, doesn’t want this to happen again but thinks people could do more.

Asked about the prospect of playing matches without fans again, the Manchester City boss said: “I wouldn’t like that.

“You can’t imagine how different it is to play with people than without people. It doesn’t compare.

“At the end of the day, we played behind closed doors for the economy of world football to survive, for the broadcasters. Thanks to that, we continued to receive our salaries and were able to play football for the people.

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“I hope it doesn’t happen again, but cases are being reported all over the world. These people go into stadiums and can infect.

“There are people in the stadiums who don’t use masks, and that’s what surprises me the most. You walk down the street, you go to big malls, places to buy family gifts, and no one uses masks.

“The vaccines, the boosters, the people [can] decide – but part of that has to be social distancing and masks. It is the best way to protect ourselves, our families and the rest of the population.

“That way the restaurants could still be open and the football could continue. I am not a scientist or a doctor but I trust doctors and scientists because they know more than I do.

“I want to trust the people who know and they say it’s the safest way – to take a vaccine. People don’t die when they take a vaccine.

“Wearing a mask is so important, like social distancing and hand sanitizers, so let’s try to do it. Otherwise, it could [come back] Again and again and again. “

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Premier League publishes advice on match postponements

The concerns of managers and captains were heard by the Premier League in special meetings on Thursday.

Managers and players have raised concerns about how many games they need to play in quick succession over the Christmas break period due to demands placed on squads downsized due to Covid-19.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has raised the possibility of the players going on strike over welfare concerns, while Tottenham head coach Antonio Conte called the meetings a “waste of time “.

Following calls from managers for transparency on why some games were called and others not, the Premier League has since issued guidelines to explain its protocols for postponing fixtures.

Clubs have been informed that they must provide the following information when requesting a postponement of a match:

  • Details of players and staff who have Covid, their vaccination status and – if known – the source of their infections
  • Players and staff are unavailable due to injury or illness
  • Players on the team roster who are still available, including “suitable” U21 players
  • Medical information to check the status of each unavailable player, which will be reviewed by Premier League medical advisers

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Antonio Conte believes Premier League meetings with managers and players have been a waste of time as pressure builds on the league due to match congestion and increased coronavirus cases

Antonio Conte believes the meetings between the Premier League and managers and players have been a waste of time as pressure increases on the league due to match congestion and the increase in coronavirus cases.

The Premier League will then take the following factors into consideration in deciding whether or not to accept the request:

  • Impact of Covid infections, injuries, illness and isolation on the squad, as well as the number of first team players and ‘suitable’ U21 players available
  • Matches will be postponed if a club does not have at least 13 available outfielders and a goalkeeper.
  • Status of any Covid outbreaks at the club, including number and source of infections, and proximity to match
  • The club’s ability to prepare its players safely
  • Medical advice on whether there is an unacceptable risk to the health and safety of players and staff while playing the match
  • Advice to the UK Health Securities Agency and other public bodies
  • Other exceptional circumstances

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