Paraguayan anti-vaccine deputy went to congress with a brief as a mask

Paraguayan deputy Jorge Britez has been in the news in recent hours after posting an image on his social networks in which we see him with him covered face with a garment of underwear, in plenary session of the Congress. His conduct triggered the repudiation and the indignation of users, who in a few minutes have criticized their actions.

My homemade mask», Expressed Britez in his official account Twitter, where it is characterized by mockery of the use of the jugular, vaccines and all sanitary measures imposed against him Covid-19.

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MP known for his anti-vaccine stance

The thing is Britez is known to urge do not wear a mask and do not get vaccinated, a position that opposes the health recommendations and scientific studies for the coronavirus pandemic, according to Paraguayan media ”Today”.

Moreover, the legislator raised a law for fine To social networks what applies “Censorship of its users”, after Facebook punish him for spread false information on treatments for the coronavirus.

However, earlier this month, the Youtube of Paraguayan Chamber of Deputies was suspended for a week following anti-vaccine speeches by Britez.

He even presented a invoice with the aim of “not discriminating against people who do not want to be vaccinated”.

Through this initiative, the parliamentarian assures that the “unnecessary discord and discriminatory approaches which have arisen in recent weeks between vaccinated and unvaccinated could be put to an end”. The project, recorded a generalized rejection speak advisory committees of House of Representatives.

Last year, he took off his jersey in the middle of a session:

Notably it is not the first time that the legislator generates a controversy within the enclosure, because of its inappropriate behavior.

In June of last year, Britez took off his shirt in the middle of a parliamentary session to demand from the Government the reopening of the international bridge ”Friendship», Which connects Paraguay to Brazil on the Paraná River, 330 kilometers east of Asunción, closed by the pandemic-

I want no one to die, but Ciudad del Este has been locked up for over 60 days», Declared on this occasion Britez, originating in this city close to the Brazilian Foz de Iguazú, justifying his attitude.

The lawmaker said that 80% of the border population depends on trade with Brazil. “We have to work. We will follow all protocolsHe said after throwing off his shirt.

I ask for health, work and education for my people and they are outraged by a shirt», He added while the leader of the deputies, the officiala Jorge Alliana, adjourned the meeting.

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