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Whoever decides to put J-Rob on the bench must be fired. I don’t care if it’s the running back coach, the offensive coordinator, the head coach… get your best player on the pitch. No more excuses.

This is the Jaguars’ big deal of the week following a 37-7 loss to the Los Angeles Rams at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif., On Sunday – and no surprise. Jaguars running back James Robinson lost a fumble for a second straight game on Sunday, a game that led to an opponent’s touchdown for a second straight game. And for a second game in a row, Robinson was out of the game for an extended period after the fumble. The disconnect here between the fans / watchers and the coaches is the reason for Robinson’s absence. Many observers and fans are convinced that Robinson is at worst “on the bench” for fumbles or at best misused by the coaching staff. Head coach Urban Meyer reiterated on Sunday what he said last Sunday – that the reason reserve back Carlos Hyde has played so much for Robinson in recent weeks was the persistent heel and knee issues that hampered Robinson since a Week 8 loss to Seattle. Robinson, as Meyer noted, missed or was limited in practice for a month and a half. It was questionable to enter last weekend. He is clearly not 100% healthy either. Was there an element of “punishment” after the breakaways of the past few weeks? I understand why watchers and fans think this is the case, I guess. But it does not stick. Why wouldn’t coaches intentionally play the best player? They wouldn’t. Like I said on O-Zone Late Night last night, I might be naive. But it just doesn’t look like a bench. If it weren’t for Robinson’s injury and it happened, I would feel different.

Who’s the third running back in case Hyde fumbles?

Dare Ogunbowale was the Jaguars’ third running back behind running backs James Robinson and Carlos Hyde on Sunday.

_George from Blue Ridge, Georgia _

It’s time to seriously assess the team and the coaching. Jaguars owner Shad Khan made a huge mistake in choosing Urban Meyer as his head coach. Please let’s be more professional like the Steelers!

I don’t expect the Jaguars to part ways with Meyer in the 2021 regular season or the offseason that follows.

I was expecting four to five wins this year and really thought it would be a painful growing season. Even though the total wins over last year were doubled, the product on the pitch last year certainly looked more competitive. I would say that so far this year the trendline has gone down. True or false?

The offense has declined slightly this season compared to last season. Receiver struggles and passing play crippled the offense, and those struggles became more pronounced as injuries further hurt the area. Robinson being embarrassed by heel / knee issues has caused difficulty in the running game for the past six weeks. The defense has been better than last season for the most part. It has been a lot better some weeks and just a little better other weeks. So overall the trend is about equal. It is not positive.

Even though we are a bad team right now, shouldn’t the referees protect our quarterback like they protect everyone else? Roy barely hits Stafford with his hand and receives a call. Trevor takes a helmet under his chin and… nothing. Are the Jags contacting the league about this? Thank you

Yes, the Jaguars will contact the league – and yes, the league is supposed to protect all quarterbacks the same. It looks like the call you referred to on rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence was missed. Jaguars defensive tackle Roy Robertson-Harris, for his part, was called up for brutalizing Rams quarterback Matt Stafford twice on Sunday. One was when he “barely” hit Stafford’s helmet with his hand. It is true that it was an innocuous incident, but the sanction was in the rule. Robertson-Harris was called in for rudeness early in the game on what appeared to be a free kick with his face mask in Stafford’s chest. I don’t know how Robertson-Harris should have played this game differently.

Have the Jaguars firmly established themselves as a game of success for opposing teams?

Broken down in Fernandina Beach, FL

When will the pain end? I just remembered, and my brother, the “salad days” of the Jags receivers …

I expect the Jaguars to focus on the wide receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft and 2022 free agency period in a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big. , big, big, big, big, big, big, big way. You have to go back to the 1990s, when Keenan McCardell and Jimmy Smith were the wide receivers to find the salad days, but yeah… these two remain the best the franchise has ever had in this role. It’s not close. It’s not about to close.

Do you think Wright will become the worst kicker of all time?

Jaguars kicker Matthew Wright doesn’t have a strong leg for kickoffs. He won’t be remembered as the worst kicker of all time.

Brian from Gainesville, Florida

Big O, I know you get questions like this every now and then, but given the youth associated with the shortage of entry level playmakers in this Jaguars squad, do you think this is the rare NFL team that could lose to a great college team. By big I’m talking about Trevor’s National Championship team, or 2019 LSU, 2008 Florida, or last year’s Alabama that had three Heisman candidates on the same offense.

Jason from Green Cove Springs, Florida

I watched the Eagles play at 1pm, then my Jags at 4pm. Looking back, the Jags should have kept Minshew. Our current attack could use that kind of precision and excitement. I hadn’t realized how much I missed Minshew Mania. Do you think it was a mistake to exchange it?

The only thing this team did decently last year was to throw the ball. The new regime looked at that and threw it down the toilet. Why? Why don’t we focus on racing with a rookie QB?

The new regime has focused on getting it right. The Jaguars were performing well and improving slightly offensively before the bye – in large part thanks to Robinson’s very good play. Robinson suffered a heel injury on October 31. The offense was averaging 19.33 points in six games before the exemption. They have averaged 10 points in six games since. It is not a coincidence.

Looking at my framed photo of Mike Mularkey yelling at tight end Marcedes Lewis for spiking the football after a touchdown right now and weeping softly.

For the love of the good old days, I laughed at this.

Sascha from Cologne, Germany

Hey John you can see the impact of defensive tackle DaVon Hamilton for the rushed defense it looks like he’s really a centerpiece for the Jags.

Hamilton was in good health on Sunday.

This is the very last team in the NFL that should try to throw a quick / quick attack. What happens if you can’t get the first downs is you roll 3 and come out so fast that the defense spends an inordinate amount of time on the pitch. And the opposing defense remains rested and fresh. This is a very bad recipe if you cannot throw the ball effectively. It’s almost like doubling down on your weakness.

There are a few “cons” when listing the pros and cons of quick infractions in the NFL. What you have described is about the biggest “downside”. I didn’t feel this problem defined Sunday’s game, but it’s something to watch.

Terry from Caseyville, Illinois

Please find a NEW offensive coordinator. They don’t know how to let rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence develop. It’s time to clean up the house before the opportunity is lost. Thanks again.

It’s still training in the NFL.

You are going to receive Minshew’s better emails than Lawrence today. What do you think these people don’t understand how special Trevor will be? How do you think Minshew would be fair in the current Jags situation?

It looks like former Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew II did well in a start for the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. I can’t control people who think he’s as good or better than Lawrence and I haven’t a clue what “people” don’t get about Lawrence or how Minshew is. would come out in the Jaguar situation. What I do know is that I watched Minshew for about two seasons. He’s a good backup NFL quarterback. I think he can play that role in the NFL for a long time.

Why does our quarterback start winning some games before doing all these commercials? He also needs a haircut.

Wow. Frankie Fashion has checked in. Great for us.

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