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I have the same dilemma every night. My brain tells me to do my nighttime skincare routine, but my body tells me to crawl into bed. Once I hit a certain point, the thought of spending 10 minutes in front of the mirror just seems too much. But then I think about how much better I feel (and look) when I wake up after a night of slathering on serums and head to the bathroom.

There is now an influx of skincare products specifically designed to simplify bedtime skincare and make solving this dilemma easier. We are not talking about ordinary night creams. These are masks with high-tech timed delivery technology, rich lotions that strengthen your skin barrier, and gentler, more effective retinoids that all aim to take your routine from several steps to just a few, which means that you get to the “sleep” part. much faster restorative sleep. “Products that work overnight really are the ultimate multi-taskers,” says Sarah Brown, executive director of Violet Grey’s Violet Lab. She’s noticed Violet Gray customers respond to products like U Beauty the Barrier, a rich emollient cream that uses bioactive ingredients to help rebuild the skin’s most important barrier overnight.

There’s a reason these products can be so effective. “We’re designed to restore ourselves while we sleep, so that’s when your body does cellular repair and cellular detoxification,” says dermatologist Dendy Engelman. “If we give our skin ingredients that help repair or induce change, they will be better received than during the day.” Simply put, during the day your skin is focused on protecting itself from the outside world. At night he relaxes and can really concentrate on work.

Ingredients like peptides and ceramides work to strengthen and protect skin, says Engelman, while retinoids help with cell turnover and collagen production. Sure, you can apply these ingredients individually, but the most exciting new nighttime products combine them all in one application. Noble Panacea’s Chronobiology Sleep Mask even uses time-release technology to deliver them to your skin throughout the night, based on your circadian rhythm and when your skin needs them most.

But the most important thing, and the reason night creams tend to be thicker and richer, is “the moisture factor,” according to dermatologist Shereene Idriss. At night, your body temperature rises and your skin releases moisture, which is why you sometimes wake up looking like a raisin. Idriss combats this with what she calls “facial slathering” – coating the skin with an ultra-rich cream overnight to “help soothe inflammation while locking in moisture.” The key to maximizing All Night products, she says, is to apply them as soon as possible, not seconds before bed. “You want to give your skin some time with the ingredients” to ensure proper absorption. “Otherwise you wipe everything on your pillowcase.” After all, if you put in the slightest effort, you want it to count. Then you can focus on counting sheep.

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