Mixed response to DDMA exempting lone motorists from wearing face masks in Delhi

05 February 2022 14:49 STI

New Delhi [India]Feb. 5 (ANI): Car owners in the nation’s capital hailed the DDMA’s recent decision to exempt solo drivers from being penalized for not wearing face masks.
The Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) announced on Friday that people driving solo in cars will not have to issue a penalty for not wearing face masks. The decision was taken after the DDMA noted that a positive rate of COVID-19 infection had dropped significantly in the metropolis.
Local Sanjay Agarwal said the DDMA made the right decision pointing out that past policy led to police taking money from people. “Civilians are getting kickbacks from people who don’t wear masks while driving solo. So ultimately it’s those civilians who end up benefiting from such a policy.”
Another local resident, Tushar Sharma, also welcomed the move. He pointed out that the rule imposing masks on drivers was “unhealthy” because people “would have to inhale their own carbon dioxide”.
Sharma urged the government to extend the no-mask exemption for drivers traveling with family members.

Ekant Tyagi and Vikram Khurana also felt that the recent decision of “no mask for solo drivers” was right because “a car is a private space and therefore there is less chance of spreading the coronavirus”.
Meanwhile, Naveen Sharma, another local, said the DDMA’s decision was wrong. “It’s not fair. People should wear masks. Masks are for our precaution. The government shouldn’t comment on this,” he said.
Akash, another local resident, agreed with Sharma. “Our safety is in our hands. I am wearing a mask and you are standing right outside my window. If I didn’t wear a mask, I would be putting myself in danger.”
Adding to this, another local, Rajat, said that “this should only apply when the windows are closed because there are times when your vehicle may stand at a traffic light and beggars and others can approach you and there is a risk of spreading the virus
On April 7 last year, the Delhi High Court ruled that wearing a mask or face covering in a vehicle occupied by one or more people was compulsory in view of the current coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19. (ANI)

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