Michael Cohen mom on Kanye West talks but defends Ye’s mask


It’s hard to imagine what Michael Cohen and Kanye West would have to talk about, especially given the widely differing opinions they have expressed over the years about a certain ex-president.

But Cohen and West met recently for coffee in New York City, even though Donald Trump’s former loyal fixer now vehemently hates his ex-boss and the billionaire rapper was once one of Trump’s biggest fans. and wore a MAGA hat. meet his political idol in the Oval Office.

Their most recent meeting over coffee was on Tuesday, when West arrived at a cafe in an Upper East Side hotel wearing a bizarre prosthetic mask he had been seen wearing at JFK Airport the day before. , reported Page Six.

When Page Six contacted Cohen to ask about the meeting, the attorney declined to say what he and West had discussed. But Cohen defended the rapper and fashion designer for wearing the mask. He said West wore it to ensure his privacy.

“The point (of the mask) was for people to not recognize him… the first 10 minutes we sat down he was mobbed by people… who wanted photos and to say hello to him,” Cohen said. “So he put on that mask to give him some anonymity, which, oddly enough, didn’t really work.”

Yes, the mask “didn’t really work”. In fact, it only brought more attention to West, which was probably the point. West, of course, is known for his provocative and often unbalanced public statements, performances, and fashion statements. This includes his recent penchant for fully covering his face in public with a variety of masks made of cloth or other materials.

The one West wore to meet Cohen has been described as a “rubber” and appearing to be “the face of a Caucasian woman with smoky eyeshadow around her eyes,” Page Six said.

In August, the rapper, who recently obtained permission from a Los Angeles judge to legally change his name to “Ye”, covered his head entirely in cloth to listen to the evenings of his new album “Donda” . Last week, he wore a pale green-blue mask in Venice that made him look like an orc from “Lord of the Rings” – or perhaps a more menacing cousin from “Shrek,” Page Six added.

During this time, he met Cohen twice. Their first meeting was earlier this month when West was in town to witness ex-wife Kim Kardashian West’s appearance as a guest host on “Saturday Night Life,” TMZ reported. Maybe Cohen was trying to persuade the rapper to be a guest on his popular political podcast “Mea Culpa”.

TMZ noted that a meeting between West and Cohen is “interesting for several reasons.” On the one hand, Cohen is believed to be housebound until November as he serves the remainder of a three-year prison sentence for campaign finance fraud he says he committed on behalf of the presidential campaign. of Trump’s 2016.

Right before the 2016 election, Cohen secretly paid porn actress Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen McDougal, both of whom claimed to have had affairs with Trump. Cohen also pleaded guilty to tax evasion and lying in Congress.

Cohen was able to leave prison in May 2020, due to concerns about COVID-19, but was never supposed to leave his Manhattan apartment until he completed his sentence.

Cohen made headlines in July when he dined at an upscale French restaurant, raising questions about whether he was violating the terms of his home lockdown. But his lawyer told the New York Post that he was given special permission to leave his apartment for dinner.

It is not known if Cohen also received special permission to meet with West. It is also not known whether they shared their different experiences with Trump.

Cohen had once been fiercely loyal to Trump while working for him at the Trump Organization. But legal issues and the time spent in jail for the struck off lawyer prompted him to see Trump in a new light. He wrote “Disloyal,” a bestselling and revealing memoir of his time with Trump. On his podcast, he regularly denounces his ex-boss, calling him corrupt, racist, sexist, dangerous and a “cult leader”. He often discusses with his mostly anti-Trump guests about why he thinks Trump and his family members should go to jail.

West, meanwhile, spent much of Trump’s tenure expressing admiration for the former reality TV star’s leadership qualities. In addition to donning the MAGA hat on his bizarre 2018 Oval Office visit, West tweeted that Trump “is my brother” and proclaimed “we are both dragon energy.”

But West’s admiration for Trump waned when he launched his own presidential campaign in July 2020, which was oddly executed and perhaps ethically questionable, in that it seemed designed to siphon off black votes. of Joe Biden in some swing states.

Still, West and Cohen might have more in common in politics these days. In an interview with Forbes in July, West said he no longer supported Trump as president. “I take off the red hat, with this interview,” he said.

Then again, West has always asserted that Trump is “special” – in a way that Biden is not.

“You know? Obama’s special,” West said. “Trump is special. Kanye West is said to be special. America needs special people to lead. Bill Clinton? Special. Joe Biden is not special.

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