Marvel Brings Back the Fantastic Four-Theme Incarnation of Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s Fantastic Four outfit from 2011 returns alongside other webslingers from across the multiverse in the pages of Amazing Fantasy #1000.

The following article contains spoilers from amazing fantasy #1000, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

amazing fantasy #1000 features the return of a Fantastic Four costume that Spider-Man briefly donned over a decade ago in amazing spider man #658.

The costume, which resembles a traditional blue Fantastic Four uniform combined with an all-black Spidey mask, is worn by an alternate universe Spider-Man in the story “You Get It,” written by Jonathan Hickman and Marco Checchetto. The story features the mainstream Spidey of Marvel’s 616 universe talking with his multiversal counterparts about the tragedy of his life and asking if they have any advice on how to overcome adversity and continue to be a hero. .

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After briefly teasing him that their lives are extremely normal compared to his, the other Spideys explain that performing heroic deeds means getting “in the center of the storm every day…so complaining about the wind is not will do nothing to you”. good.” They tell Peter that keeping hope alive and continually rising despite personal setbacks is part of what makes Spider-Man an inspiration to everyone in the Marvel Universe and beyond.

Spider-Man wore the Fantastic Four costume in “Peter Parker: The Fantastic Spider-Man,” which aired in 2011 amazing spider man #658 and was also written by Slott. Spidey temporarily joined Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and Ben Grimm as a member of the Future Foundation in the story, though he soon ditched his blue outfit for a sleek black and white suit.

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This isn’t the first time Peter Parker has worn a Fantastic Four outfit. The 1984 classic The Amazing Spider-Man #258 featured a particularly fun fashion statement as Spidey – left without a costume after losing his symbiote – donned a spare Fantastic Four costume and stuck a paper bag over his head. The ridiculous disguise has since been dubbed the “Bombastic Bag-Man”.

amazing fantasy #1000 celebrates the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man. The oversized book features a wealth of stories from a creative team at Spidey, including Dan Slott, Michael Cho and Neil Gaiman, pencils and inks from Jim Cheung, Klaus Janson, Marco Checchetto and Todd Nauck, and colors from Frank Martin, Jay David Ramos, Michael Cho and Terry Dodson. VC’s Todd Klein and Joe Sabino wrote the issue while main cover art was done by John Romita Jr., Scott Hanna and Alejandro Sanchez. amazing fantasy #1000 is on sale now at Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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