Man kicked off robbery for wearing woman’s thong as a mask

A man was removed from a flight in the United States for wearing women’s underwear as a Covid-19 face mask. In a video widely shared online, Adam Jenne can be seen wearing a pink thong to his face as he sits in his seat before the flight from Fort Lauderdale to Washington. We hear an air hostess say, “You’re going to have to get off the plane.” We won’t let you travel. He insisted, however, that he met United Airlines conditions that require masks to fully cover the mouth and nose.

Woman finds prisoner’s ID card in coat

A woman was shocked when she discovered the ID card of a Chinese prisoner in the lining of her newly purchased coat. After buying the garment from a British fashion company that is supposed to outsource its stock to China, the 24-year-old from Norwich said: “It could be a cry for help from a slave.” Amnesty International has urged the UK government to “consider making due diligence mandatory for domestic companies operating overseas”.

Huge arthropods once roamed England

Huge car-length centipedes once lived in the north of England, a chance fossil find has revealed. The specimen was found by three scientists from Cambridge who were visiting geological formations on a northern beach. They spotted the remains of the largest known invertebrate animal of all time – a 2.7m centipede called arthropleura that lived 326 million years ago. “It is certainly the largest arthropod fossil – period – in the world,” said one.

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