Finding a loan in training and without a lender is only a simple loan request at first glance. Training credits are difficult anyway and play a special role. The article provides more on the topic.

Loan in training without lender – starting point


The starting point for a loan in training and without a lender is difficult. Whoever starts this search query is usually not interested in a student loan, training loan or lender. It is probably about a desire to consume, which is to be financed by a loan without a lender. It is already clear with this request that there is a negative lender entry and the house bank has rejected the loan request. Attempts at ordinary direct banks were also probably unsuccessful.

Now the opportunities are to be explored through an offer from a credit broker. But here, too, the chances are far from rosy. Loans without lenders are only worthwhile for the loan provider if the credit risk remains manageable.

First and foremost, the credit intermediary, or rather his investor, looks at income. With an apprenticeship allowance, there is nothing for him in an emergency. Any attempt at attachment would be pointless. Below the applicable seizure exemption limit, the loan without lender is only available under clearly defined conditions.

Requirements for the loan without lender from the credit intermediary

It depends on your personal background whether a loan can even be obtained in training, without a lender. A loan for trainees is possible without lender if:

– a solvent guarantor is liable
– high-quality security is pledged. (unencumbered real estate)
– A paid-in savings contract is pledged to secure the loan.

At least one of these three requirements must be met for a reputable credit broker to help. If this is not the case, reputable credit brokers will give a negative answer. Only dubious providers claim that there are credit opportunities at all.

In this case, a cash application for cash on delivery can be expected. Another method of rip-off is to ask for a call back via a service phone number or to suggest commission transactions. Letters that suggest life insurance, a savings contract or a change of account should ring the commission fund.

There is still no credit, but the “consultant” earns his commission. It is paid for the new customer by the insurance company or the direct bank with high checking account fees.

Credit without lender – opportunities during the training

Credit without lender - opportunities during the training

Small amounts of credit can actually be possible. The way to the payroll office can be rewarded by the boss with an advance. There are good chances before the upcoming annual vacation or at Christmas. A seizure attempt by the trainer, however, should not have taken place beforehand.

Although private lending is considered a problem solver, an unpaid lender entry can already prevent the approval of the loan request.

Only one credit option is guaranteed. The loan in training, without a lender, from the pawnshop, is possible in any financial difficulties.