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The mask’s mandate is due to expire on September 30, and Lopez said it was too early to say if that will happen or if it will be extended. She said there had to be a sustained decline in the number of COVID-19 cases, as well as the test positivity rate, for officials to consider letting the warrant expire.

“That’s why next week is going to be critical for us,” she said.

Ricketts denounces Biden’s vaccination warrants as abuse of power

Rauner said another reason he thinks the masks are working is that COVID-19-related hospitalizations for Lancaster County residents are leveling off, while the number of out-of-town residents in the local hospitals continues to increase.

As of Tuesday, there were 119 COVID-19 patients in Lincoln hospitals, the highest number in nine months. However, only 72 of them were residents of Lancaster County, as of Friday. The number of patients from other counties stood at 47 on Tuesday, up from 32 on Friday.

Even though hospitals have postponed a number of elective surgeries on the orders of Governor Pete Ricketts, they are still extremely full. Bryan Health reported that as of midnight Sunday, it had 51 intensive care patients for its 50 intensive care beds.

Bryan transferred two non-COVID-19 patients from Lincoln to the Region of Crete Medical Center, which he also owns, on Friday to free up beds, spokesman Edgar Bumanis said.

Lancaster County will pay employees who get vaccinated

Lopez said the capacity of local hospitals continued to be a “serious concern”.

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