Lily Collins’ beauty routine with which she forces her husband to also wear a mask

Coming home after a long day at work, taking off the heels you’ve been wearing for hours, putting on your silk pajamas and starting your night beauty routinewithout forgetting any step to maintain your hydrated and clean skin. This ritual is surely very familiar to you, a gesture that connects us directly to the daily life of the most sought-after actresses of the last decade, as is the case with Lily Collins After her successful role in Emily in Paris. The British woman is truly passionate about the world of fashion, but also about skin care As we found out after some funny photographs her husband posted, Charlie McDowell.

– Lily Collins changes her look and debuts the platinum “pixie” of her dreams

On September 4, the director and actress walked down the aisle with a romantic private ceremony in an abandoned mining town – Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado – dressed in an impressive Ralph Lauren custom wedding dress. Now, the new images we’ve seen of the couple show just how solidified their relationship is, so much so that they share the star secret to show off a juicy complexion with natural shine Every day of the year. It is a very intimate moment before going to sleep with which social networks have revolutionized, and we are not surprised!

lily mask

– Guess which “royal” could have inspired one of the best “Emily in Paris” looks?

Who said that night care were only for girls? With this viral moment, we could see Lily and Charlie test several crafty masks with different effects and results. An entertaining fact so usual among industry gurus, which allowed us to learn a little more about his personal life outside of the red carpets. And even this gesture that she shares with her husband, revealed to us one of the reasons why the complexion of the protagonist of the Netfilx production generally seems without any imperfection.

rainbow mask

Lily Collins gears up for ‘Emily in Paris’ premiere with a nod to Audrey Hepburn look

You turned me into a “moisturizing mask”. Happy Valentine day. I love you”, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day the producer of the film The one I love practically opened the doors of its beauty marathon with the woman of his life. A post Collins replied to at the time:Are you sure it wasn’t “anti-wrinkle and anti-aging”? I love you and our DIY spa sessions almost as much as the fact that you love a face mask like me.. It is more than proven that the application of a few facial masks with different ingredients and compositions per week is ideal to obtain optimal results, without leaving aside the session of skin care How much does your skin need? If it is true that the one who started this photogenic trend on Instagram was the queen of influencers, Chiara Ferraginiand her husband the artist Faith. Who would you plan this beauty evening with?


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