LiLienthal Gallery will open soon at Emory Place

Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022

Ilana Lilienthal has Lilienthal Gallery ready to open, pending final issuance of an occupancy certificate for the space. Located at 23 Emory Place in one of several buildings purchased by Ilana and her family, the gallery will be the second to open at Emory Place in a few weeks. Ilana previously operated a gallery in Miami, Florida.

Externally, the building has been repainted and the windows have been replaced. Work on neighboring buildings continues. Just outside the gallery, Ilana has placed a seating area that faces a space between the two galleries. The space will likely have sculptures added by the local Art in Public Places effort led by Dogwood Arts. She also plans to enclose the space in glass and feature an additional gallery in the space.

Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022

“We want the whole street to have art and sculpture. I believe in community effort. It’s wonderful if we support each other. I enjoy creating and the arts and culture community. I want to activate the whole street. Once complete, she plans quarterly events during which Emory Place will be closed to traffic and will host long table dinners, fashion shows, book fairs (she is building permanent booths to be placed so events “have seem important, like in Europe”. ”)

Of the gallery, she said every show will be different. There is no permanent exhibition, with works, including hers, rotating every few months in favor of additional works by artists she represents. The focus is on large works by national and international artists, and she indicated that the current works, while large, are some of the artists’ smaller works.

Work by Adan Lopez Aleman, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Work by Joseph Asman (foreground) and Orel Brodt (background), Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Work by Eszter Bornemisza, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022

She represents a small number of artists and may add more, but they will all have gallery or museum references. She will also create experiences in space, such as a light and projection installation she has in mind.

Of the current exhibition, she said, “It’s a taste,” and she promises more challenging works as the months go by. She started with more figurative and accessible works, but says exhibitions in the future could include single works or small groups of works that consume the entire space. She also has access to additional works from the artists and can work with interested clients to find a work that matches their needs and, possibly, their price. Not all artists are currently included, but you can find a more comprehensive list here.

Work by Orel Brodt, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Work by Jesus Cordero, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Work by Ilana Lilienthal, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022

Here’s a look at some of the artists whose work you see here (excerpts adapted from artist statements):

  • Adan Lopez German is a Spanish expressionist artist who has exhibited his work throughout Europe. Work with mixed techniques and materials; watercolor, acrylic, oils, pastels and ink, Adán transforms the subject into a symphony of expression and movement. Her “soul” paintings capture the personality and story of each portrait. In a combination of realism and expressionism, an atmosphere or mood is created which is characteristic of his work. Lopez’s colorful black-and-white portraits play behind a social mask, opening her eyes, seeking the truth. In his character painting we can feel the breeze and hear the wind moving through the bodies trying to hold on.
  • Israeli-born artist Joseph Ashman, started late in life. Working with oil colors on canvas, Ashman paints the landscape of the holy land as he experienced it at various stages. With a vivid color palette, the landscape shifts inward motion, depicting the moods of the country as events unfold (wars, existence, peace). We see the explosion of ideas, feelings, experiences and beliefs as we walk through Ashman’s paintings.
  • Eszter Bornemisza is a multimedia fiber artist living in Budapest, Hungary. She trained as a mathematician, obtained a doctorate. in mathematical statistics, and worked in the field as a researcher for twenty years. Her work is an exploration between the recognizable and the abstract using textiles and yarns to create a gossamer-like image of her subject. Working with negative space, she weaves her images into the air. She has created quilts, large-scale translucent fiber works, 3D objects and installations primarily from the ubiquitous material of old newspapers and vintage fabrics. His works have been widely exhibited in juried and solo exhibitions across Europe, America, Australia, China and Japan.
  • Orel Brodt is a young up-and-coming artist with extensive experience in fashion, textiles and color. From his work with fashion houses such as Robert Graham, Oscar de la Renta, Viktor and Rolf and Panos Yiappanis, to presentations in Amsterdam, London, Tel Aviv and New York, Orel uses his artistic skills with movement and shape. His unique style brings a colorful personality that translates into large vibrant paintings and drawings focused on the human figure. From abstraction to classical studies of the human form, Brodt likes to mix different mediums such as ink, pen, watercolor, collages and crayons, marrying different effects into a cohesive whole.
  • Jesus Cordero is a Spanish photographer whose work can be seen in Madrid, London, Paris, New York and LA. His photographs are printed on frameable foam board. Working for various high fashion clients such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and magazines like Vogue, Elle, Glamor and many more, Cordero has developed a series of black and white photographs focusing on his “muse”. Actress Grecia Castta inspired these sensual works. Zooming in, mixing the body with the movement of water and sand, expressing all desire and need. The photographer’s monographs are layered opuses of poetic symbolism dealing with the “seven sins and virtues”.
  • Ilana Lilienthal is a multifaceted artist who oscillates between sculpture and painting. Dancing between the daring and the elegant, the strong and the soft, his use of material is infinite. She likes to use the images we are bombarded with in her art and she likes to focus on women, emphasizing both their strength and their softness. The idea of ​​the great work in three panels is that “we must dissolve the masks and the heavy burden that weighs us down. . . It is a modern version of the old or classic figures. His large, oversized installations exploring acrylics, polymers, fiberglass, and light-reflecting materials have been featured in numerous exhibitions in galleries and museums around the world; including New York, Miami, Chicago, Tel Aviv, London, Zurich and Munich.
Work by Dina Shenhav, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
Work by Dina Shenhav, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022
  • Dena Shenhav is an installation artist dealing with topics related to politics, society, history, archeology and the relationship between man and nature. Using mostly mattress foam and yellow sponges, Shenhav transforms harsh spaces and elements into soft, feminine objects with meticulous detail. Taking us away from our recognized everyday elements for a fairy tale experience. Shenhav has exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world, including museums in Israel, Europe and the United States.
Ilana Lilienthal, Lilienthal Gallery, 23 Emory Place, Knoxville, April 2022

All works included in all exhibits are for sale. Watch for an announcement very soon regarding the opening of the gallery. Hours will be Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 6:00 p.m., with additional hours by appointment.

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