Lilbits: AYA Neo Next, Handbrake 1.5, the deceptive marketing of Razer’s face masks and DRM printer

Shortly after announcing the AYA Neo Next portable gaming PC that would be powered by the Ryzen 5000U series processors, the folks at AYA clarified that most models would ship with the Ryzen 7 5825U chips recently introduced by AMD. rather than the old Ryzen 7 5800U … although the review units that have already been sent have the old chip. But they’re close enough that the performance differences are probably small. Meanwhile, how-to videos are starting to appear.

In other recent tech news from the web, Razer reduced some of the claims it had made about its high-tech Zephyr masks, Samsung closed the App Store for smartphones running the Tizen-based operating system. Linux chip shortage might have at least one printer maker rethinking the idea of ​​putting DRM chips on their toner cartridges, and a new version of the open-source, cross-platform Handbrake video transcoding tool is here.

AYANEO NEXT – Benchmarks / Input-Build Quick Impressions / Gameplay / Unboxing [The Phawx / YouTube]

The AYA Neo Next Handheld Gaming PC with Ryzen 7 5800U / 5825U hits crowdfunding next month for $ 1,315 and up. This video from @carygolomb has some great first look, unboxing, references, gameplay, and impressions.

Handbrake 1.5 release notes

Handbrake 1.5 released with the latest version of the open source video encoding tool with bug fixes, support for Intel Quick Sync oneAPI, support for GNOME 41 on Linux, and more.

Tencent draws closer to deal for smartphone maker in major metaverse campaign [Bloomberg]

Chinese games company Tencent is said to be close to closing a deal to acquire gaming phone maker Black Shark, which could start making VR headsets for Tencent if the deal goes through.

Black Shark 4 Pro

Samsung has permanently closed Tizen Store [TizenHelp]

If you’re one of the handful of people who bought a Samsung phone running the Linux-based Tizen operating system at the time, it looks like you don’t have an app store anymore – Samsung has closed the Tizen Store in December.

Samsung Z2 with Tizen

Canon Cannot Get Enough Toner Chips So It Tells Customers How To Beat Its DRM [Ars Technica]

The chip shortage has led Canon to ship some printer toner cartridges without the DRM chip the printer expects… Canon is therefore teaching users in Germany how to bypass the usual lockdown.

Razer is playing a dangerous game with his deceptive mask marketing [PC Mag]

After initially promoting its high-tech Zephyr and Zephyr pro face masks as having “N95 grade filters”, Razer has updated its website to remove these references, following the advertisement of a @PCMag article and @RealSexyCyborg.

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