Lee Suet Fern made Lim Tean a face mask that said ‘Free Rider’

Singapore – Renowned senior lawyer Lee Suet Fern has displayed her considerable creative skills, making hand bags, bowtieand even Dresses recently. Some of his works, it seems, carry a rather pointed message.

On Wednesday, February 9, lawyer and opposition leader Lim Tean featured new handcrafted gifts from Ms Lee in a Facebook post.

However, he prefaced his post by writing that the lawyer, who is the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s younger brother, Lee Hsien Yang, gave him a face mask bearing the words “Free Rider” last year. .

“It was in stitches and I wore it a lot!” Mr Lim added.

In September 2020, after the unprecedented loss of a second GRC in the general election, Prime Minister Lee ruffled more than a few feathers when he referenced Singaporeans who voted for the opposition while expecting that that the People’s Action Party (PAP) remains in power as “stowaways”.

“But if you say, vote for me, someone else will vote for the PAP, and therefore the PAP will be the government, which economists will call a free rider. It means you are taking advantage of someone else doing their duty to elect a government for the nation,” said Mr. Lee.

Many people took issue with the Prime Minister’s statement, including Opposition Leader Pritam Singh and Mr. Lim himself.

Ms Lee was suspended from practicing law in November 2020 for 15 months by the Tri-Judge Court after being found guilty of misconduct for dealing with the last will of her late father-in-law Lee Kuan Yew, founding prime minister of Singapore.

She released a statement after her suspension was announced, saying, “I do not agree with this decision. There was no reason this case had even been opened.

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And while Mr. Lim didn’t post a picture of Ms. Lee’s “free rider” mask, he did post pictures of some new gifts from her, calling himself “once again the lucky recipient of fabulous gifts from him”, adding that this time she had offered him “pretty towels, tea towels and even an exquisite sachet of lavender”.

“The details in which Suet Fern deigns to assemble his creations are breathtaking. Each article has a printed explanation and a story,” he added.

“I think Suet Fern will be a wonderful ambassador for promoting creativity in our nation, a quality we desperately need much more of if Singapore is to remain at the forefront of the New World Order.”

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He thanked Ms Lee and said it had been “delightful” to see her and her husband again. /TISG

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