Kora Organics Turmeric Mask is Miranda Kerr’s Favorite

It might be a little cruel, but I love asking beauty brand founders what their favorite product from their line is. It’s like asking someone to choose their favorite child, except no one is traumatized afterwards. Instead, I walk away from the conversation knowing the one thing to try from the line, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Last month, I spoke with Miranda Kerr following her keynote at Create and Cultivate’s Wellness Means Business Summit. I took the opportunity to ask him, “What was your favorite Kora Organics product to work on. Of course, the entrepreneur and model first said, “Really all of them,” then added, “but I guess maybe [my favorite is] turmeric [BHA Pore and Brightening Mask] Exfoliate because it’s so good for your skin. It’s anti-inflammatory and it brightens the skin.

Organic KORA

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It’s no surprise that Kerr chose the two-in-one turmeric exfoliating mask; she also chose turmeric when I asked about her favorite skincare ingredient. “[Turmeric] contains over 100 vitamins and minerals and helps normalize your cells. There are scientific results before and after using the ingredient,” she said.

But why choose this hybrid mask scrub over all their other turmeric products, like brightening moisturizer or foaming face wash? “It’s a deeply detoxifying microdermabrasion scrub and purifying facial treatment,” says Miranda Kerr. “You see instant results afterwards.” The mask targets a few key areas of concern through, yes, turmeric, but also beta hydroxy acid and mineral powder. In tandem, these key ingredients decongest skin, fade dark spots, brighten skin tone and smooth texture.

Hundreds of five-star reviewers will tell you Kora Organics Turmeric Face Mask does all of this and more. One reviewer wrote, “I love how it exfoliates my skin and after cleansing my skin is poreless, even and oil free.” The buyer added that the “best part” is the visible “afterglow” that leaves skin “radiant for days” with weekly use.

Head over to Sephora to pick up Kerr’s favorite (skincare) kid, the Kora Organics Turmeric Mask.

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