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LOS ANGELES, February 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ikaria Beauty Reveal Multi-Acid Resurfacing Mask is the newest addition to the Debbie Matenopolous line of beauty products. Ikaria Beauty products are designed with cutting-edge science to help people achieve lasting vitality and youthfulness, inside and out. Ikaria Beauty combines homeopathic ingredients from Debbie Matenopolus’ Greek heritage with modern science.

“I’ve never found a mask that doesn’t irritate my skin,” says Debbie Matenopolous, founder of Ikaria Beauty, “my new multi-acid mask has really changed the texture of my skin.”

Ikaria Beauty REVEAL Multi-Acid Resurfacing Mask is formulated with a blend of five unique acids and natural extracts to gently remove dead skin cells and help refine skin, revealing a visibly brighter, younger-looking complexion.

Ikaria Beauty REVEAL Multi-Acid Resurfacing Mask Key Ingredients

  • AHA Blend (20% Glycolic Acid, 2.5% Lactic Acid, 1% Mandelic Acid) – exfoliates dead skin cells, helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, visibly improves skin tone
  • 0.5% Salicylic Acid – exfoliates and helps unclog pores
  • Azelaic Acid 0.1% – helps soothe redness and irritation
  • Seaweed from the Mediterranean Sea – protects and nourishes tired skin for a visibly rejuvenated appearance

Key Benefits of Ikaria Beauty REVEAL Multi-Acid Resurfacing Mask

  • Brightens and unifies the complexion*
  • Smooths and refines skin texture*
  • Helps visibly reduce the appearance of pores*
  • Helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles*

Where to Buy Ikaria Beauty REVEAL Multi-Acid Resurfacing Mask

Ikaria Beauty REVEAL is available for purchase on Ikariabeauty.com for $68. Ikaria Beauty’s best-selling product ageless beauty balm is an excellent complement to this product. For more information follow @Ikariabeauty on Instagram.

About Ikaria Beauty

Ikaria Beauty is a clean beauty line inspired by the Greek heritage of Debbie Matenopolous and California way of life. The cutting-edge collection includes wellness supplements and skin care products designed by combining the power of science with the purity of Mother Nature. Named after Ikaria, the “blue zone” island of Greece, Ikaria Beauty sums up the rejuvenating effects of the island. On a mission to protect your health and skin, Ikaria Beauty brings the anti-aging power of Mediterranean life to people around the world through its products. Other Ikaria Beauty products include TRANSFORM Skin Renovating Youth Elixir and ageless beauty balm. For more information follow @Ikariabeauty on Instagram and visit Ikariabeauty.com.

About Debbie Matenopolous

Debbie Matenopoulos, a five-time Emmy® nominee, is one of the most respected and recognized personalities on television today. In her career spanning more than two decades, Debbie has achieved success as a journalist, talk show host, and lifestyle expert. At just 17, Debbie began her career with MTV and became one of the original co-hosts of “The View.” Following nearly a decade at E! Network hosts “Fashion Police”, “The Daily 10”, “Entertainment Tonight”, “The Insider” and covers the annual red carpet for several award shows. She also co-hosted the Emmy-nominated Hallmark lifestyle series, “Home & Family” for six seasons. Debbie is the author of the best-selling “It’s All Greek to Me”. Debbie is also the founder of clean beauty line Ikaria Beauty. For more information, follow Debbie on her new website, Iamdebbiem.com and her Instagram at @IamDebbieM.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

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