Hull woman ‘offered injections in her car’ after refusing to wear a face mask at the Hull clinic – despite her exemption

A woman from Hull claims she was discriminated against at a health clinic when she refused to wear a mask despite wearing a visible sunflower bead that proved she was exempt.

Stephanie Holmes, 51, visited Sydenham House Group Practice at the Elliott Chappell Health Center on Hessle Road, Hull on the morning of Friday December 31 to receive an injection of B12, used to treat vitamin deficiency.

When she entered the clinic, she says she was told to wear a face mask. Stéphanie claims to have explained to a nurse that she was exempted from wearing a mask because she had already suffered a trauma in the form of domestic violence.

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Stephanie says: “She stormed off and said, ‘I can refuse to see you.’ I tried to explain to her again that I had suffered domestic violence.

Stephanie said she was suffocated in a previous incident of domestic violence and said when wearing a mask or visor she felt dizzy, panicked and as if she was going to pass out.

The practice said that as a healthcare facility, they continue to work with mandatory infection control and PPE measures, including the wearing of masks and social distancing, adding that the safety of all patients and staff is their top priority.

Stephanie Holmes is exempted from wearing a face mask as she has been a victim of domestic violence in the past

The nurse started giving her the B12 injection, but Stephanie says she was then told that her next five B12 injections, which she is supposed to receive over the next two weeks, could be withheld until. that the current surge in Covid cases has reduced due to his refusal to wear a mask.

Stephanie says she has already been hospitalized for three weeks with colitis and says B12 injections are imperative for her health.

When Stephanie voiced her concerns about requiring her injections quickly, she said the clinic’s chief of staff said they could give her the injections in her car.

Stephanie said: “It’s not right, I don’t want the world to watch me get an injection. They are refusing health care in a proper health facility. What if something goes wrong not? Will they treat me if something is wrong with my car?

Stephanie Holmes visited Elliot Chappell Health Center for her B12 injections on Friday, December 31
Stephanie Holmes visited Elliot Chappell Health Center for her B12 injections on Friday, December 31

“It’s wrong.

“People who suffer from domestic violence should not be treated this way. We should be equal and not be forced to do something that we cannot do if it affects our health.

“We don’t refuse to wear a mask because we want to be clumsy, we do it because we can’t.”

Mary Billany, Practice Manager at Sydenham House Group Practice, said: “We know that some of the restrictions made over the past 18 months may no longer be enforced in all public spaces, but in healthcare facilities we continue to work with infection control and PPE. measures including the wearing of masks and social distancing.

“Taking care of all our patients and staff is our top priority and we must therefore enforce these rules. “

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