Whether for investment, for a need or for wanting to achieve that goal, are you considering acquiring a loan? Here we show you how it works, the benefits and obligations that you will have to contract with it.

A loan is the money that a person obtains from another


A loan is the money that a person obtains from another or from a financial institution, to repay it at a certain time and usually carries an additional payment of interest.

Common to use financial terms

When applying for a loan, it is common to use financial terms that you may not know or fully understand, such as:

  • Interest rate: is the amount of money that the debtor must pay to whom he lends, for the use of the borrowed money.
  • The fee is the payment of fixed or promotional money that must be paid on a regular basis for the credit.
  • Term: refers to the period of time agreed to pay the loan (it can be 12.24.36 months, etc.)
  • Level fee: it is the fixed amount of money that you are going to pay during the life of the loan.
  • On balances: it is a different alternative for payment, in which the amount to be paid each month is different, depending on the current capital balance of the loan.
  • Surety: is the person who commits to the payment in case of breach of the commitments acquired by the debtor.
  • Guarantee: when requesting a loan, it is common to request a guarantee to ensure payment. The most common example is real estate.

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