High-volume image anonymization just ready for 2022

UAI Anonymizer high-speed image anonymization for autonomous driving

“Image anonymization is the first step in any autonomous driving data enrichment process. With new features and unprecedented throughput, UAI Anonymizer accelerates ADAS development while ensuring GDPR compliance, ”said Jürgen Daunis, CEO of Understanding.ai.

understand.ai will release a new version of its high-speed image anonymizer, UAI Anonymizer, at CES on January 5, 2022. Improved AI-powered technology was designed to handle exponential growth in volumes of data recorded in autonomous driving. . Its anonymization rate is 4 times higher than that of its predecessor. The underlying deep learning model was formed with images of masked people to reflect the reality of a Covid-19 world. It has an identification rate of almost 100% for faces with and without a face mask.

The new cloud-based UAI anonymizer is much more versatile in terms of camera perspectives, lens geometry, and resolution. With this new version, Understanding.ai extends its cloud offering to the three main cloud service providers: Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Improved data exchange methods allow faster and more flexible data processing that aligns with the variety of customer data infrastructures.

“The anonymization of images is the first step in any data enrichment process. It cannot be the bottleneck for the development of autonomous driving functions. With the new features and unprecedented throughput, UAI Anonymizer enables our customers to get their standalone product on the road much faster while remaining GDPR compliant, ”said Jürgen Daunis, CEO of Understanding.ai.

The new Image Anonymizer will be showcased January 5-8, 2022 at CES in Las Vegas. understand.ai will be showcasing its portfolio of data annotation, data anonymization and scenario generation at dSPACE booth # 3555 in LVCC West Hall. Register at https://hub.understand.ai/uai-at-ces-2022 to book a meeting and demo in advance. We are impatient to meet you!

understand.ai is the leader in AI-based data annotation for autonomous driving. The UAI Automation Engine for Data Annotation makes AD / ADAS projects of any size feasible. understand.ai is home to more than 60 experts with backgrounds in AI, automotive and cloud and years of experience in data annotation around the world. Since joining the dSPACE group in 2019, Automation Engine has strengthened the dSPACE data-driven development pipeline that supports the entire cycle of simulation and validation of functions for autonomous driving. Whatever the challenges of data logging, anonymization, data selection, or scenario generation, Understanding.ai has a market-leading solution for them.

We automate the annotations.

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