Harley Quinn Cosplay Recreates Her Most Haunting Cover

Cosplayer MCroft07 has created a cosplay for Stjepan Šejić’s iconic cover of Harleen, and he recreates the haunting artwork perfectly.

One of harley quinnThe best and most haunting covers have been recreated in an incredible disguise. Harley has had consistent iconic looks since debuting 30 years ago in batman the animated series. From her quirky jester outfit to her more modern aesthetic focused on her independent side, Quinn has undergone many changes that were best exemplified by her changing wardrobe. However, a take on the character’s origins completely changed the game for the villain-turned-antihero, and she was best showcased by her stunning cover.


Harleen is a graphic novel created by Stjepan Šejić that focuses on Quinn’s early years before she turned to evil. It explores her relationship with the Joker and how the two connected while she was interviewing him in Arkham. It’s a compelling story that’s accentuated by its incredible cover art. It features Harley holding a mask in front of her with the iconic look everyone knows her for. The white makeup, the black mask and the haunting smile are all there… except for one detail. Part of the mask is cracked, showing herself as Harleen Quinzel underneath with her eye expressing fear and tears smearing her mascara as it drips down her cheek. It’s a brilliant way to show what kind of history Harleen is as it explores the person behind the villain. It’s such a well-made work of art that it’s become as iconic as Quinn herself…and one cosplayer wanted to show her love for this variation of the character in a great cosplay.

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Cosplayer MCroft07 showcased her take on Šejić’s artwork on her Twitter, perfectly recreating the cover art. Every detail is intricate and shows great attention to what made the original artwork so amazing. What’s even better is how she’s able to capture the sadness of the Harleen part of cosplay given that she’s not using an actual mask. Since using face paint, the smile on the mask is her own, but the way she recreated the tear-stained eye recreates the heartbreaking horror beneath the character everyone loves. It is an amazing work of art that pays homage to the New York Times best-selling graphic novel and must be seen to be believed.

What’s even more fascinating about this cosplay is her incredible attention to detail. In addition to the aforementioned eye work that showcases Quinn’s tragic side, the hair is also intentionally messed up with a bit to give the Harleen cover tribute a little more love. This allows MCroft07 to show the distress in Quinn’s life as she juggles her first encounter with the Joker and her personal life as Quinzel. It’s a small detail from the comic book cover that could easily be looked at for cosplay, but the fact that MCroft07 included it to make the design more faithful to the design is fantastic and lets fans see why this illustration is l one of Harley Quinn’s best. 30 years of history.

Harley Quinn has been a fan-favorite DC Comics character since her inception 30 years ago, and it’s amazing how far she’s come. She’s had such an impact in the comics realm, and these flawless cosplays prove it. Harleen is just one of many icons harley quinn scenarios, and to see MCroft07 recreate it with so much detail and love in an amazing disguise shows that this character will still be around for many years to come.

Source: Mcroft07

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