Go behind the scenes at Denver Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear Summer 2021


The ready-to-wear arrives at Denver Fashion Week (DFW) on June 27, with an evening that will feature three local fashion designers. Before the event, Review 303 got to talk with a pair of these designers – Mona Lucero, designer of Mona Lucero Couture, and Jasmine Lewis, designer of Jasmine Lewis Design – about their collections. The two designers integrate art with fashion to create pieces that are unlike others in shape, color and materials. We learned all about their creative processes, inspiration and influences that impacted their collections this season.

Mona Lucero Couture

Mona Lucero received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado at Denver and an Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design from the Institute of Technology in New York. From there, Lucero returned to Denver to use these skills to combine art and fashion for his ready-to-wear collection.

This season Lucero has 10 outfits some with his own artwork. Through her designs she uses a lot of personal artwork and incorporated a 70s vibe with bright colors, maxi dresses and funky sleeve shapes.

Review 303: How have your life experiences influenced your vision of fashion?

Mona Lucero: Everything I create contains an aspect of my life, there is an imprint with my deceased cat, Vincent. There is an imprint of a drawing I made when I was in fashion school. There is an imprint of a drawing of a high school shoe. There are various models from different parts of my life.

303: Is there something you would like to share with others through fashion?

ML: I just want people to really enjoy their life and I believe that fashion is about equal living. So wearing nice clothes and fun clothes and something that makes you happy is equal life.

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303: Were there any challenges that you had to overcome to prepare this collection?

ML: I feel really rusty, it has been a while since I created a complete collection. Working through this year and throughout 2020, I created a lot of masks and continued to create custom designs as well as new patterns and fabric prints. This is the first show I have done in about a year and I feel very rusty and difficult to get back into the mix.

303: Have you experimented with new fabrics for this collection?

ML: I always do new fabrics and new designs, there are some new shapes that I do. I would say the denim jackets that are coordinated with a few dresses will be my favorite. I am still in the process of finishing them.

Jasmin lewis designs

Jasmine Lewis is originally from Colorado with an artistic heart. In college, Lewis studied product design and industrial design. She then incorporated this into fashion design with the use of many fabrics in all the products she created. Lewis changes the way art and fashion are viewed by using renovation and sculpture mixed with colorful fabrics and patterns.

This season Lewis will present 16 new pieces across eight individual models. Throughout the collection Lewis plays with many different shapes and movements and mixes different fabrics.

Review 303: Where do you find your inspiration?

Jasmin Lewis: My inspiration always comes from many different sources. I was looking at organic shapes, microorganisms, armor and lines of movement. My collections are also very inspired by the material. I like to experiment and try different techniques, which usually leads to a path that I would like to explore further.

Review 303: What would you like to share with others through fashion?

JL: I approach fashion design the same way I would draw or paint. I think fashion can be very artistic and expressive, and I really like to share that artistic aspect with people.

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303: What were the biggest challenges to overcome related to this collection?

JL: I always start a collection with a specific direction, and I usually end it with pieces that look very different from what I wanted. With this collection I got a lot of different inspirations so it was hard to decide where I wanted to take it.

303: Which item from this collection is your favorite? Why?

JL: I think the black dress is my favorite. This is a technique I’ve worked with before, but always wanted to see it used on a larger scale, so I’m glad I was able to include it in this collection.

All the photographs taken by Roxanna Carrasco

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