Global climate strike returns to the streets of New York



It was Fridays of the future New York City’s first walk since the start of the pandemic, and while the signs are familiar – “We speak for the trees,” “Our mother is burning” – the day’s visual tapestry reflected the year 2021. Some walkers were barefoot, others covered in buttons from past political actions, but most wore masks. The theme of this year’s global climate strike was # UproottheSystem, and its goals were expressly intersectional: “With COVID, the climate, and all the crises in history, over-exploited countries and marginalized sectors of society are systematically left behind. ” read it Global climate strike declaration. “… Together we will fight for a just future where no one is left behind. “

Almost 2,000 students attended the action, along with parents and an occasional elderly ally. After making their way from City Hall to Battery Park (the same route they took in 2019), crowds gathered to hear from their peers. TREEage activist Kathryn Gioiosa recalled the New Yorkers who were killed by Hurricane Ida, also the cause of 55 oil spills. Tsela Zoksang spoke about melting glaciers, mining and rapid industrialization in his father’s homeland, Tibet. Jerome Foster II called for an end to subsidies to the fossil fuel industries, the adoption of the Green New Deal and the adoption of the Climate Change Education Act.

“Our solutions make politicians and their ultra-rich donors uncomfortable,” said Gioiosa, “because instead of taking small steps towards a more equitable future, we are threatening the racist and classist systems that created the change. climate in the first place. This generation knows that focusing on your personal carbon footprint is a distraction propagated by the fossil fuel industry, and that meaningful climate progress will only occur when these companies – and the banks that finance them, members of Congress who defend them are held accountable. On October 1, Fridays for Future will travel to the upscale neighborhoods for a strike in front of the UN. Action continues until real change is made.

Below, see scenes from the 2021 Global Climate Strike in New York City, captured by Shana Jade Trajanoska.


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