Genius ‘Face Mask Hack’ You Must Learn Before Traveling In 2022


Despite its high vaccination rates, America is still far from normal right now, with the Delta strain and everything.

In Australia, we are also far from normal. And our travel restrictions are stricter than in America: we are still totally prohibited from taking off internationally, without government dispensation.

In Europe, Asia and Africa, although many people are taking short domestic trips again, the big picture is still very different from what it looked like, for example in 2019.

But next year, if all goes well, it will be different. While still not “normal”, per se, there are signs that travel could become much more “free” – particularly in Australia – as early as December.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce recently commented, “The current pace of vaccine rollout means we should have a lot more freedom in a few months. “

Australia’s current target is for 80% of adults to be fully immunized by December. If we achieve this, we should be able – the government lifting the travel ban to allow it – to start traveling to countries with high vaccination rates and low risk of Covid, like UK, North America. and parts of Asia.

Countries at higher COVID risk like Bali, Phuket, Bangkok, Manila, Ho Chi Minh City and Johannesburg will likely be pushed back to at least April 2022.

However, when you buckle up for your first international flight in a post-COVID world, there are a few things you will need to learn. The biggest change, arguably, from a passenger’s perspective, is the requirement to wear a mask throughout your flight.

If this thought is already giving you cauliflower ears, fear not – there is a solution.

Points hacker and Flight Hacks founder Immanuel Debeer recently took to Instagram to share the following hack, which he attributes to Private Tour / Travel videographer Ian Agrimis.

“This mask hack will save your ears when you fly,” says Immanuel. Watch the video below to find out exactly how to do it.

The trick? Put the straps of your mask over the headphones rather than under them.

“I just need some good Bose QC,” one Instagram commenter wrote under the post.

“It’s so convenient,” wrote another.

“Definitely the best way to reduce noise and wear a mask at the same time! yet another commented.

“Smart! I like it. With my big head, the mask still hurts my ears a lot.

Another Instagram user commented: “I do this at work all the time while on Ramp 😂 on the earmuffs!”

And there you have it: a real ear saver.

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