Fox host Cheryl Casone claims Sinema was “assaulted” in the flight and asks “Where was the FAA ?!”


Fox Business presenter Cheryl Casone hyperbolically said on Tuesday that Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) was “assaulted” when another passenger asked the senator about her support for DACA during a flight this week.

Casone claimed she was “shocked by this video”, wondering aloud why the flight attendants or even the Federal Aviation Administration had not intervened to prevent the Senator from being approached and calmly questioned by another. traveler.

As one of two Democratic senators refusing to fully support President Joe Biden’s ambitious Build Back Better program, Sinema has recently faced activists and voters for her opposition to the spending bill. In a video released on Sunday, for example, youth organizers filmed themselves following Sinema into a public toilet, triggering a backlash and light condemnation from Biden himself.

During a flight this week, meanwhile, an Arizona DACA recipient traveled to Sinema and asked the lawmaker if she would commit to supporting a “path to citizenship” for DREAMers like her. “This is my life and the life of millions of people,” the woman said as Sinema refused to engage or respond.

On Tuesday’s show of Fox News’ Noon Roundtable Show Outnumbered, the all-conservative panel united in outrage at the public confrontations Sinema has experienced, complaining about alleged liberal hypocrisy over harassment and protests.

At one point, SEO Saturday night live portrayal of Sinema, host Harris Faulkner called her “homophobic” because “they were targeting her because she is a lesbian.” (The senator is, in fact, bisexual – like the SNL sketch noted.)

Finally, after co-host Kayleigh McEnany called the anti-Sinema protesters “totally ignorant,” Casone expressed his disgust at the questioning the senator had to endure from a voter on the plane.

“Where was the FAA when Kyrsten Sinema was assaulted on that plane?” Casone exclaimed. “Where were the flight attendants, guys?” I am shocked by this video.

The Fox Business host said that as a former flight attendant she would “immediately intervene”, prompting Faulkner to – extremely Fox News fashion – make up the situation regarding the COVID-19 restrictions.

“Well, if she had taken her mask off, they would have been there,” the Fox host scolded.

“I know, if a two-year-old can’t keep his mask on, oh, they show up and you’re thrown off the plane,” Casone replied. “But this DACA recipient, who was obviously harassing her in the middle of the aisle, that’s what we came to. Heaven is already a war zone, but it’s okay to harass a US Senator.

The Fox personality added, “As far as civil discord goes, it goes beyond what should be acceptable in this country. And if they want to attack him and attack Joe Manchin, go ahead. And go ahead and detonate your stupid $ 3.5 trillion social spending program disaster. Be my guest! “

Ironically, at the top of Tuesday’s show, Casone and the other panelists railed against the Department of Justice fight against the “worrying peak” of threats of violence against educators on critical race theory and mask mandates in schools.

Casone, in fact, has stood up for those who recently turned school board meetings into hostile battlegrounds in the latest politically heated culture war.

“Deal with the root cause, which is the angry parents who have every right to be angry that their children are absolutely misled or ignored and that parents are made aware,” she fumed. “I don’t blame them at all.”

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