Florida man took to flight after trying to wear women’s underwear as a face mask

By Alexandra Mae Jones, Editor, CTVNews.ca

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TORONTO, Ont. (CTV Network) – A Florida man was kicked off a United Airlines flight earlier this week for wearing women’s underwear over his nose and mouth instead of a mask.

Video taken by another passenger on the flight from Fort Lauderdale showed Adam Jenne sitting in an airplane seat with a red thong stretched across his face, telling flight attendants it counted as a mask before escorting him out of there. ‘airplane.

“The customer was clearly not in compliance with the federal mask mandate and we appreciate that our team addressed the issue on the ground prior to take-off, avoiding any potential disruption in flight,” United Airlines said in a statement shared with the CNN affiliate WFTX. .

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In other interview clips, Jenne said he wore the underwear on other flights during the pandemic.

He also compared himself to Rosa Parks and said he didn’t wear a mask at all at the airport other than going through security.

Jenne called it an “injustice” that he was taken off the flight in an interview with WFTX.

“You can’t tell me how I’m behaving,” he said.

However, airlines are allowed to remove people who ignore the required mask warrant of passengers.

The US Transportation Security Administration announced a mask warrant for all US domestic and international flights in January, and recently extended it until March 2022.

In the TSA statement announcing the initial mask warrant requirement for flights, it is stated that “according to the CDC order, face masks must cover the nose and mouth and fit snugly against the sides with no gaps. “.

As seen in the video, the thong hung loosely in front of Jenne’s mouth and nose, the lower strip of fabric falling under her chin, with the sides of her jaw clearly visible.

Experts have often emphasized that a properly fitted mask is important, and many are now calling for the tighter N95 to become standard in response to Omicron.

A few other passengers could also be seen in the video leaving the plane after it kicked off, apparently to support Jenne.

Jenne is now banned from flying with United Airlines until his case is officially reviewed.

Passengers throwing stunts or having a fit over mask warrants have become commonplace in airlines.

According to the United States Federal Aviation Administration, as of December 14, there had been 5,664 reports of unruly passengers this year, of which 4,072 were “mask incidents.”

Transport Canada also noted an increase in unruly passengers, saying there was a spike in passenger non-compliance with the mask warrant over the summer, with 330 incidents reported in July and August, more double the amount that had occurred in April and May.

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