Florida judge blocks Governor DeSantis’ ban on mask warrants in schools


A Florida judge ruled Friday that school districts can require students and staff to wear masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19, saying Gov. Ron DeSantis’ executive order banning warrants was “without legal authority.” , according to AP.

Why is this important: Several Florida school districts have defied DeSantis’ order despite threats from the governor to suspend state funding to schools that do not comply.

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What they say : Leon County Circuit Judge John C. Cooper said a school district’s decision to require masks to prevent the spread of the virus is reasonable and limited in scope and necessary to protect public health, according to AP.

In numbers : DeSantis issued the order, although Florida is experiencing a spike in new infections largely due to the Delta variant.

  • Florida reported 21,765 new cases and 901 deaths from the virus on Thursday, according to the Miami Herald.

The big picture: The Biden administration announced in August that it would provide financial aid to schools defying executive orders banning mask warrants for students and education staff.

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