Finally, hotel skincare that actually works

Tiny hotel toiletries have long fascinated the vacationing public – allusions to stuffing one’s suitcase with miniatures permeate much of pop culture; a study by shows that 21% of travelers watch the add-ons first (17% evaluate the offer of adult TV channels). But it’s possible that these neatly streamlined sinks never lived up to expectations (why is there a shampoo/shower gel combo (ick) but no conditioner? Why always aloe will you?). Even the most exquisite five-star resorts use the spongiest products from super-scented OTT luxury brands — and it’s nearly impossible to find full-size bottles or a handful of bath salts big enough for a dip. And even if you feel comfortable leaving your shower gel behind, you would never dare to put the presents on your face.

Soho House was acutely aware of this latter truth, having amassed a loyal following for its Cowshed body care ranges which have long been global franchise outposts and shine a light on the gaping hole in skincare for the night. So, taking into account reams of feedback from its member base, the team set out to create the protective barrier Soho Skin Concentrate, which formed the basis of a product line designed to be reliable enough that customers could safely leave their own diets behind. Enter Soho Skin – its name written in a chubby 1970s font on thick brown glass bottles with heavy lids – a collection so varied that quick party prep and the next day’s rejuvenation are supported by a whole host of high-quality assets that one would expect from their daily favorites.

The basics are all there and clearly labelled: cleansing cream, lip balm, face cream, eye cream, exfoliating liquid and shaving gel. While each has an unobtrusive texture and a very subtle, slightly earthy scent – ​​essential to appealing to as many users as possible – each is also highly effective at hydrating, soothing, smoothing and supporting skin’s structure with ingredients like prebiotics and hyaluronic acid. -by boosting xylitol in the cleanser, or glycogen, niacinamide and squalane in the face cream to support cell turnover, while natural carotenoids work to protect the skin from UV rays and pollution.

Then there are many party products containing the concentrate: Renewing Serum, 24/7 Treatment, Night Cream, Detox Mask. Renewal Serum is the perfect quick fix for pre-makeup, instantly brightening and lifting, while 24/7 is for longer prep: used either in ten-as a minute mask or for night application, lactic acid exfoliates and a natural ferment works to lift and smooth, while magnesium detoxifies. The purifying and decongestant Detox Mask is ideal after a long dinner, lots of wine and layers of makeup. OK, so if you’re a retinol addict, you’ll need to bring your own. And a reusable sheet mask and SPFs for face (SPF50) and body (SPF30) are in the works, so the set is by no means complete, but with a fairly comprehensive balance of essentials and extra-special items, I would be tempted to leave my toiletries at home.

While every hotel room comes with a discovery set, you can purchase the full-size versions from NK Space.

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