Facial Spa LA announces specialty facial treatments, chemical peels and dermaplaning for their clients in Los Angeles

/EIN News/ — Los Angeles, Calif., Nov. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Facial Spa LA is committed to providing you with a world-class experience that harnesses the power of facial therapy and improves texture, elasticity, and the appearance of your skin.

Their team of expert estheticians use the latest cutting-edge products and the most luxurious facial products from top brands to provide you with a personalized treatment to address your specific skin concerns.

They have now announced a list of specialty facial treatments, chemical peels and dermaplaning for their clients in Los Angeles, designed to give you radiant, healthy-looking skin from head to toe.

Premier Day Spa

Facial Spa LA offers a selection of high-quality treatments that can target a variety of skin concerns, such as minimizing pores, reducing the appearance of acne, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and removing blemishes. dullness.

Some of their specialized services include:


It is a carefully executed non-evasive exfoliation treatment that uses a sterile surgical blade to remove dead skin cells, vellus hairs and fine peach fuzz that naturally occur on your skin and can contribute to dullness, rashes and wrinkles.

Dermaplaning helps give your skin a newly smooth and even texture, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks large pores, and can help control acne by preventing the development of blackheads.

Facial care

A facial is a spa treatment used to cleanse and nourish the skin while improving its appearance and condition.

Facial Spa LA’s expert technicians will assess your skin and do an individualized evaluation to see which treatment will benefit you the most and then provide you with a complete relaxing spa experience.

Some of the facials they offer include:

  • Classic facials – It is an effective way to promote healthy skin and address your own skin care concerns. The classic facial treatment consists of gentle exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, blackhead extraction, facial massage, personalized facial mask to tone and rejuvenate the skin, and LED light to promote collagen production.
  • Personalized facials – Their specialists will tailor a facial that is perfectly suited to your skin, whether you want to target deep lines, wrinkles, saggy sections, deep pores, hyperpigmentation or uneven skin.
  • Lifting and firming facial treatments – If you’re looking for effective anti-aging facials in Los Angeles, then Facial Spa LA offers a rejuvenating treatment that includes an enzyme-activated mask that detoxifies, exfoliates, and firms the skin, as well as their Root and Herbal Mask which is packed with vitamins A, C, E and B5 to reduce redness and any sensitivity in your skin.
  • Face care for acne – Their acne facial effectively cleanses your skin by purifying your pores to prevent breakouts and removes any oils that may be clogging your pores and causing your acne. Being formulated with glycolic and salicylic acid, it unclogs your pores and soothes redness caused by breakouts.

chemical peels

Exfoliate, brighten and soften your facial skin with a safe and effective chemical peel that removes the outer layer of dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier looking skin.

If you want a Los Angeles facial that can reduce the look of aging, takes just 15 minutes, and has no pre-peel skin prep or downtime, consider a chemical peel with the Perfect Derma™ Peel that uses the powerful antioxidant Glutathione to brighten your skin and prevent wrinkles.

More information

To learn more about Facial Spa LA and to view their specialty treatments in more detail, please visit their website at https://facialspa.net/.

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