Every Jason Voorhees Appearance, Ranked

Throughout the Friday 13 franchise, Jason Voorhees took on several appearances. Although he’s best known for his legendary hockey mask, it seems his look has changed in one way or another with each film, giving each a unique feel. Not only does her face vary greatly, but her main appearance as well. He was axed, broken down and slashed by Freddy Krueger. Today we’re going to take a look at all of Jason’s appearances throughout the series.

12. Part 8

The eighth film in the series, Jason takes Manhattan, is widely considered one of the series’ worst. This is due to a number of reasons, one of which is Jason’s lackluster appearance himself. Prior to Part 8, Jason Voorhees had a number of things happen to him that carried over to each sequel. From his ax mark to his exposed spine, Jason had developed a look for himself outside of his mask. All of that was removed in this movie. All of Jason’s battle wounds are gone.

He even gets a new hockey mask, which means the ax mark isn’t as noticeable. Jason’s uniform is just a slimy black jumpsuit with a handful of tears, which isn’t exactly scary. In fact, Jason is slimy and wet throughout the movie, which makes him look gross, and not in a good way. This all comes to a head with Jason’s unmasked face, which many fans have compared to a slug.

11. Part 1

Jason in the original Friday the 13th

As Any Horror Fan Knows, Jason Wasn’t The Killer In The Original Friday 13. He wasn’t technically in the movie either, but he does appear in flashbacks and a famous dream scene. In flashbacks, he is just a normal, albeit deformed, boy. In the dream scene, he is very decomposed and covered in elements from the lake where he drowned. This scene is one of the most famous last-minute jumpscares of all time, and it’s worth mentioning for that alone. Although far from Jason’s traditional look, this is the first time he’s been seen on screen in any form. It was far from the killer that fans would love, but it’s a pretty decent intro. Seeing this defenseless, unassuming boy in Pamela’s flashbacks, it’s hard to imagine the monster he would later become.

10. Part 5

The killer seen in Tommy's mind

Like the original film, Jason is not the killer of the fifth film in the series. Instead, there’s a copycat killer in a similar outfit. Jason technically appears, however, as he is seen via hallucinations, courtesy of the disturbing Tommy Jarvis. In these visions, Jason Voorhees is pretty basic. It basically keeps the same look it did in Part 4, just a bit bloodier. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with his appearance in Part 4, it’s a shame he couldn’t look a little different. The obvious reason why he looks more or less the same is because he appears as Tommy remembered seeing him in part 4. The reason why this entry is so low is because this look has been seen before and that he really didn’t add anything new.

9. Freddy vs. Jason

Jason Voorhees in Freddy vs. Jason

For Jason’s highly anticipated showdown with A nightmare on Elm Street Freddy Krueger adopts a fairly basic look. He wears decomposed clothes that completely cover his body. He has a jacket that seems to have become a trademark, as he has in all the movies, starting with Jason X. His mask is the classic hockey mask with no ax mark. However, he takes severe damage at the end of the film, when Freddy hits him with his gloves.

His exposed face doesn’t have a good photo, but what is shown is a standard distorted face. His complexion is gray, which really gives the impression that he is a walking corpse. To make sure he overpowers Freddy, Jason is huge in this movie. It’s a standard Jason Voorhees look. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it removes some of the stylistic choices from Friday 13 past movies.

8. Jason Goes To Hell

Jason from the ninth friday the 13th movie

Of all the Friday movies, the ninth entry, Jason goes to hell, is arguably the most unique. Instead of seeing Jason hiding once more in the grounds of Crystal Lake, he’s instead shown jumping between bodies for most of the film. While Jason takes the form of other people throughout, he appears more traditional at the beginning and end. When Jason pops up as fans know him, it’s a doozy. He wears a faded blue jumpsuit that seems to be falling on his body. His body is full of bullet holes and wounds, showing that he went through the wringer more than once.

His head is more horribly deformed than ever. It is lumpy and deformed so that it barely has the shape of a head. He’s been wearing his hockey mask for so long at this point that his skin has actually started to grow over the mask, meaning the only thing that’s not exposed is his face. Thanks to Friday 13: The Game, fans can see his face is nothing more than a skull with dead skin hanging over it.

7.Jason X

Kane Hodder as a cyborg

Jason X is unique in that Jason actually has two distinct looks. For the first part of the film, he looks like a typical Jason. He wears tattered clothes, dons a hockey mask, and has a chain wrapped around his neck. When people think of this movie, however, they think of its second look. At one point in the film, Jason Voorhees is completely destroyed, leaving little killer behind. That’s until the nanobots rebuild it, that is.

Nicknamed “Uber Jason”, this cybernetic monster has become more famous than the film from which it is based. Jason’s body has silver robotics on display on a sleek black uniform. He trades in his hockey mask for a metal mask that shows off his new bright red eyes. Jason Voorhees in Space was a tough sell, so the filmmakers knew they had to come up with fun ideas to bring fans on board. A cyborg Jason seemed to fit the bill, as fans always love this look.

6. Part 2

Jason Voorhees as seen in part 2

Jason’s first real appearance in the Friday 13 the series has a very different look than it would become known for. Jason is more realistic, for lack of a better word. He wears a jumpsuit over a blue checkered shirt. Instead of his hockey mask, he wears a burlap sack with an eyehole cut out, a reference to the killer in an early slasher movie. The city that dreaded sunset. This Jason is supposed to be a deformed man who lives off the land.

He’s not an undead zombie or a demon looking for his next ship. He is a fearsome, hulking man who will not hesitate to kill anyone who enters his lands. Even without his mask, he looks more human than he ever has. He is still deformed, but he has long hair and even a beard. This disheveled Jason might not be his most iconic look, but it’s become more considered in recent years. That’s not too bad for a horror icon’s first outing.

5. Part 6

Jason in Friday the 13th part 6

After first dying in the fourth film, Jason Voorhees has been buried for years. That is until Tommy Jarvis resurrects him against his will. For the first time, Jason was a zombie. He really looks the part too. His body still has the injuries he had received over the course of the series, and his face is decomposed and unrecognizable as a human. Jason has the same green shirt and brown pants he had in parts 3 and 4, but a bit more tattered. Jason also has a belt and gloves, giving him the appearance of an undead worker. Fans couldn’t wait for Jason to return after his absence in Part 5, and this look gave them everything they could have wished for.

4. Part 7

Zombie version of part 7

Years after the events of Friday the 13th part 6, Jason was chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake. He’s broken down again, and when he finally comes to the surface, he’s more grotesque than ever. Her clothes began to rot on her body, as did her skin. His spine and other skeletal parts are fully exposed, making him look like a monster. The bottom corner of his mask is gone, exposing his skull-like face. Or what’s left of it. This is arguably one of Jason’s scariest looks, as he truly does look like a zombie. This Jason has become a fan favorite, but it’s not quite his best look.

3. Part 3

The third Friday 13 film is where Jason first takes shape. An hour into the run, Jason appears in his signature hockey mask for the first time. It looks pretty basic here, but it’s not hard to tell why this look was the foundation for the rest of the franchise. Jason wears a green shirt and black pants, again making him more human than monster. This makes him scarier in the eyes of many. It’s one thing to have a zombie chasing you; it’s quite another to have a more or less normal looking guy in a hockey mask stalking you. His face is still distorted, but also still human. The third movie changed the game in more ways than one, but Jason’s looks are at the forefront of his accomplishments.

2. Part 4

Jason’s gaze in the fourth Friday 13 is quite similar to Part 3. The biggest difference is the ax mark he received at the end of the third movie. That slash in his mask has become a mainstay in most movies since, and has become as iconic as the mask itself. Jason’s face in this movie is what really makes this look stand out. The same man who did the effects in the original film, Tom Savini, has returned to do this one. Because of this, Jason’s face resembles an adult version of the child seen in Part 1. Knowing that this poor child from the first movie is really behind the mask here makes it all the scarier.

1. 2009 Remake

Jason in the F13 remake

In recent years, the 2009 remake has garnered more and more love. It should be, because it really is a solid entry in the series. This Jason is by far the scariest in the eyes of many. He starts the film in a burlap sack as a tribute to Part 2. He wears basic clothes that anyone could wear. This Jason is very human, which goes to show just how terrifying he is. When he finally gets his hockey mask, he looks more menacing than ever. He’s big without being unrealistic and a force to be reckoned with. Of all of Jason’s looks, this is the one you’d least want to see loaded up on in the middle of the night.

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