Doctor Doom’s Hellfire Gala Costume Shows Why The MCU Needs Him So Much

Doctor Doom’s jaw-dropping new costume pays homage to the aristocratic sense of superiority that could make him the dark opposite of the MCU’s Tony Stark.

A new cover highlighting Doctor DoomHellfire Gala’s new costume shows that while he’s often mistakenly dismissed as a one-note villain, he has some unique qualities that make him a joy in the right hands, and a character MCU fans should look forward to. not lacking in favor of bigger but less idiosyncratic big baddies.

Victor von Doom is the Fantastic Four’s arch nemesis – a master wizard, genius scientist and brutal dictator whose political clout means that while his plans can be stopped, he’s usually free to move on to the next one. Doom’s defining characteristic is his immense arrogance, outwardly believing himself to be the smartest, noblest man on the planet while secretly being driven into distraction by the knowledge that Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic, is his best. But one area where Doom can never be beaten is his iron will – a trait that has seen him humiliate the Marvel gods of Galactus to the Beyonder, become the god of all reality, and destroy an entire universe rather than forgive. his enemies.


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In the hands of lesser creators, Doctor Doom is a pontificating blower who is identical to any other villain, but many writers and artists use Victor’s aristocratic outlook as the key to making him one of Marvel’s most enjoyable characters. Doom is a cold-hearted killer, but it’s central to his identity that he’s also a gentleman, leading to hilarious and cordial relationships with many heroes, including political discussions with Captain America, fine dining with X -Men’s Storm and acting as a sincere support. “uncle” to Valeria Richards, the daughter of his nemesis. While frustration quickly shatters his honorable facade, Doom’s genuine sense of superiority makes him the perfect foil for so many heroes, and that arrogance is brought to 11 in his incredible costume for the Hellfire gala, designed by Russell Dauterman and appearing on the artist’s variant cover for Fantastic Four #45by Dan Slott and Andrea Di Vito.

The suit sees Doctor Doom dressed in finery for the X-Men’s annual Hellfire Gala – a political event that promises to be full of intrigue. Characters from Captain America and She-Hulk to real-life celebrities are expected, with heroes and villains sporting high fashion redesigns of their costumes. While Dauterman’s designs are usually jaw-dropping, Doctor Doom’s huge fur stole, angular mask, and militaristic brocade outfit go straight to the heart of his incredible arrogance. Like the MCU’s mirror image of Tony Stark, Doom’s gift for put-downs means that a highlight of the Hellfire gala will simply be watching him interact with a room full of people he despises (a situation made all the more more desirable by a preview that suggests Spider-Man will be pushing his buttons during the event.)

Although it’s easy to see Doctor Doom as just a villain yelling “RICHARDS!” at the slightest provocation, his arrogance makes him incredibly versatile, whether he’s stealing secrets from the gods assuming no one else can handle them, or struggling with the indignity of being traded with Rocket Raccoon. Doctor Doom is one of the few Marvel villains who can be legitimately funny and intimidating without sacrificing one for the other. MCU Fans Should Hope The Movies’ Cosmic Threats Don’t Mean They’re Missing Doctor Doomis unparalleled verbal sparring, but either way, the upcoming Hellfire Gala event promises to portray him at his pompous and dismissive best.

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Source: Russell Dauterman

Fantastic Four #45 comes from Marvel Comics on July 13th.

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